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Rough road ahead for truck drivers?

HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — There is a high demand for commercial truck drivers across the nation, but drivers and business owners say they are having a hard time filling those openings.

According to a report by the American Truckers Association, in 2014, the trucking industry was short 38,000 drivers. It’s predicted by 2024, that number could jump to 175,000. In order to keep on pace with the growing industry — in the next decade we need to hire 890,000 commercial truck drivers nationwide.

Jason Brooks owns a FedEx franchise in Hermon, he’s had two positions open since May that he can’t seem to fill. “Putting ads on indeed, craigslist, the newspaper — and we just aren’t getting any bites,” Brooks said. Filling open positions is crucial to any truck driver employer, it could affect you more than you realize. “You need trucks to deliver packages, you need trucks to get your food to the grocery store,” Brooks said. “Trucks deliver everything you get in the store pretty much, so it’s going to hurt a lot of people.”

Gregory Stevens has been behind the wheel of a truck for over 20 years, he can’t imagine doing anything else. “For me it’s the thrill, I love the feeling,” Stevens said. “Put me in a four box office, forget it.” He feels less people are coming to the industry because the younger generation lacks work ethic. He says the industry itself has also changed a lot, it used to be more like a family, now its more regulated. 

According to that ATA report, there are number of contributing factors to the lack of drivers. “One being age, drivers are getting older and there no one to replace them. This also isn’t a lifestyle for everyone — more and more people want to be at home versus on the road. As technology and other industries grow, so do job opportunities that may be more enticing. There’s also one more thing…

“We’re also seeing a hike in failed drug screenings,” Brooks said. “Since the state of Maine has passed the legalization of marijuana, we’ve had six failures in the last year just in my company.”
While there is no easy solution in sight — drivers say it could be as simple as sparking someone’s interest early.
Instead of hitting the books maybe teens should be out experiencing the industry. “Put them in a truck for a day to see what it’s like,” Stevens said. “Maybe there will be more people wanting to do it.”

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Man drove into path of lorry with son, 3, on lap

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David Raleigh

Marco Velocci attacked Josephine Power before taking their son, AlexPRESS 22

A three-year-old boy was seen sitting on his father’s lap as their car veered into the path of a lorry in a head-on collision that killed them both, Limerick coroner’s court was told.

The jury at the joint inquest returned a unanimous verdict of suicide in respect of Marco Velocci, 28, and unlawful killing in respect of Alex Velocci, 3. The crash occurred on July 19 last year.

Alex’s mother, Josephine Power, broke down in tears as her deposition was read. The mother of two described how Velocci attacked her with a knife in her kitchen as she made them breakfast. “I tried to push Marco back. I kept saying, ‘Marco, the kids, the kids.’ Marco said nothing,” she said. Ms Power said that as…

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Man injured while loading horse for well-known trainer awarded €92k

James Foley (65) sued Ms Mullins of Canterbrook Stud, Doninga, Goresbridge, Co Kilkenny, arising out of an incident at the stud on November 18th 2013.

Mr Foley said he sustained the injury after a horse he placed into a lorry became spooked causing him to fall. 

Mr Justice Michael Hanna was satisfied the defendant had been negligent and Mr Foley was entitled to damages totalling €92,000 plus his legal costs.

Mr Foley of Currabehy, Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny, claimed the defendant had not assisted him when he was completing the task of leading a horse into a partitioned horse transport vehicle. 

The court heard that the four-year-old horse that was being put in the lorry and had become unsettled as Mr Foley was attempting to secure it in the vehicle. 

Ms Mullins, who was present at the time it was claimed, should have assisted him but did not, it was claimed. 

As a result of his fall, Mr Foley injured his left shoulder and required surgery.