The Earl of Cardigan?

He's a truck driver, the crisis has reduced the …

The rank of nobility, a thousand years of tradition and four acres of grounds in West London are little more than pennies in front of the storm of the crisis. The British have discovered a few days ago that David Michael James Brudenell-Bruce, Earl of Cardigan, heir to one of the oldest families in the kingdom the wool sweater with buttons in front of extravagance son of an ancestor live unemployment benefits and would be ready to make the truck driver just to make ends meet. Bruce, 59, crushed by debt, long at odds with the legal guardian of the property of the family in Wiltshire, on the road to Bath, and Wales, and to be content in waiting for better times: the state passes seventy pounds weeks and life, it seems, did not smile more like a time.

THE CASTLE-keeping Brudenell-Bruce, Severnake, a castle with dozens of rooms in the center of ancient forests, suggests anything but misery. The castle and the wonders that surround it are the prerogative of the house for almost a thousand years. But things can change.

Falling from the roof, there 'hot water, electricity rationing, and the Count has radiators in one room. In the shower, he confessed David Michael James sent a reporter on site, there are public restrooms, Marlborough, nearer the town, and not everything. Often he added are forced to sleep dressed to withstand the cold.

THE OFFICE OF DEATH The Earl of Cardigan, described as a type restless and quarrelsome, a direct descendant of James Brudenell, one of the most discussed commanders of the former British Empire. The high official guid the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War in 1854, when a brigade of English cavalry and head down against the guns of the Russians at the Battle of Balaclava. There was un'equivoco of an order, it seems, and it was a massacre.

The massacre shook the nation and the poet Alfred Tennyson wrote: They rode in the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell. THE LEGEND OF THE TAILOR But Brudenell, who survived the disaster of Balaclava, conquist still a small place in history. The type, they say, was the original (and angry), and since he did hot change from one of a tailor army wool sweaters that he had brought from Severnake.

The attendant cuts in front of him, ricav a row of slots and put the buttons on the other side: it was born cardigan. Today, the great-grandson of the economic crisis, he swears: Let me work, I am ready to become a truck driver. The blood, good, bad or just “weird” does not lie.

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