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Back in the office after a weekend spent at the Mondello Truck Show in Naas, Ireland. It was a great weekend filled with trucks, trucks and trucks! Both new and old ones were on display and it is not everyday you see a race with trucks instead of cars.

It was a blast. Most brands were represented and hundreds of truck enthusiasts were showing of their nice rids. Before this weekend, I did not have a clue that you can spend so much time and money on polishing your truck.

Of course it needs to be spotless and I had many discussions with drivers about the right methods and ways to get it spotless and shiny. Some of their Scania trucks are just amazing and so much time is spent on maintaining them I m impressed! Working at a truck show was a great experience.

Except from displaying new Scania trucks, we had also set up a shop with Scania branded products. There was a huge demand for Scania branded products and we sold everything from jackets, t-shirts, baby clothes, mugs, footballs, truck models, wallets, and everything else you might think of. I also had a mission to get as many young truck drivers to sign up for The Young European Truck Driver Competition.

To our help we had the Michelin Man. Myself and the Michelin Man promoting Scania s Young European Truck Driver Competition The weekend ended with a large convoy of all the trucks driving around the racing track. I took one of our new R520 Topline and joined the convoy.

It was lots of fun driving around, honking our horns and waving to the crowds.

Convoy around the racing track

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