Zeus Travels To Arkansas For Poker Match With Trucker, Loses …

RUSSELLVILLE (ARKANSAS INSANITY) Zeus, king of the Greek gods, traveled to Arkansas on Wednesday (April 8) to play a game of poker with a trucker, and he lost. The deity was summoned to Denny s at 43 Bradley Cove Rd. by Robert T.

Baswell, 55, of Dover. Baswell was tired and didn t want to drive his tractor trailer all the way back to Conway. The trucker drives for Keathley Trucking Inc.

and was on his way home after a long trek. He stopped in Russellville for a dinner break and hatched an idea to get to bed a full 90 minutes earlier. Conway is approximately 45 minutes from Russellville, and he didn t want to make the last leg of the trip.

So, he decided to try his luck in a game of cards. Witnesses reported that at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening, Baswell randomly called out, Okay Zeus.

I challenge you to a game of poker for my soul. Nothing happened for a few moments, and then the lights went out. A clap of thunder was heard, and when they came on a few seconds later, Zeus was seated across from the trucker, and the room was noticeably colder.

The waitress brought him a coffee, and the game began. The two played seven-card stud on the terms that if Zeus won, he d get Baswell s soul, and if the trucker won, Zeus would finish his route for free. Zeus put down three jacks and two kings.

Baswell put down a royal flush and reportedly told the waitress the Greek deity would get the check. After that, he left, giving Zeus his truck key. Eyewitnesses reported Zeus leaving the restaurant after finishing his coffee.

He didn t seem too upset considering the loss. He even left me a $20 tip, said waitress Rachel Kerrigan, 34, of Russellville. A spokesman for Keathley Trucking reported Baswell s truck made it into the lot on schedule.

He did not comment on who drove the truck.

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Zeus Travels To Arkansas For Poker Match With Trucker, Loses …

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