2016 Dakar Rally’s Monster Truck stuns local crowd

2016 Dakar Rally's Monster Truck Stuns Local Crowd


If one can physically extract adrenalin anytime from overexcited people then this reporter could have used the opportunity during last Sunday s fun ride during of the famous Iveco Trakker 516 s trail run to uplift many down trodden fellow country men and women from their slumber.
More than 120 men, women and children sacrificed their home cooked food and afternoon sleep for a meagre br ‘tchen, bratwurst and plenty tins of monster energy drinks to experience a ride in the 2016 Dakar Rally truck dubbed as the Monster Truck. Antoinette Short, marketing manager of Iveco in Namibia, was seen walking up and down, ticking down names and letting the entrants sign indemnity forms as she welcomed them to the day s event.
Young and old stood for up to six hours in the queue dodging annoying buzzing honey bees just for a four minute joyride in the Trakker that participated in the world most famous endurance rally, dubbed the Dakar Rally.
It all started at the Tourism Expo where the Monster Truck was on display where it travelled a long distance from South Africa and instantly became a spectator favourite at the Expo. Iveco as an exhibitor invited showgoers to enter for fun ride outside Windhoek at Amani Lodge between the hills of the Auas Mountains.
By twelve o clock the queue was already stretched to beyond recognition. Participants entered the monster two at a time and were assisted into the truck by a step ladder where a designated driver drove with great speed around the 3.5 kilometer farm road.
Now if you think these trucks are slow due to their sheer size, you are greatly mistaken, as most Dakar Rally trucks can reach speeds anywhere up 160 kilometers per hour while relying on 940 hp and 3 000 lb-ft of torque!
At times the fun riders experienced speeds up to 110 kilometer per hour through the rugged gravel road terrain with greatest ease. It was awesome! said Quinton Beukes.
The elderly also did not miss the opportunity as professor Jairo Kangira and his wife, Nomakando, made it to number 119 on the waiting list. It was a very exciting cruise. It is very high up there and at times was scary. It s like the vehicle was falling at times. Luckily the driver is an experienced one, said the couple.
I d never done it before, said another intellectual Dr Greenfield Mwakipesele. He said the journey was short but sweet. The ride was good. It was an experience of a lifetime. If only the distance could have been longer we could have gone faster, Mwakipesele boasted. 2016 Dakar Rally's Monster Truck Stuns Local Crowd

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