Man falls from dumpster

Man Falls From DumpsterPhoto: CTV

A 49-year-old homeless man was taken to hospital with serious injuries after he fell from a dumpster in Surrey. A recycling truck was in the process of dumping the contents of the bin into the back of the truck Saturday morning, when the man fell from inside. In a video sent to CTV News in Vancouver, the man is seen falling from the bin, which was about 20 feet off the ground, above the cab of the truck.

He fell on his side next to the truck

The driver of the truck is seen removing cardboard from on top of the man before calling for help. Police and firefighters arrived to assist before paramedics were able to attend the scene. In a CTV story, nearby business owners said they were not surprised by what transpired. Reporters were told people are seen constantly getting into, and out of the bins.

One business owners said he accidentally tossed garbage on a man inside one of the bins.

Another owner said be believed lids and locks need to be placed on the bins.

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