Man who drove truck through Olympia protesters issues apology

A man who drove a pickup truck through a crowd of protesters Saturday has issued an apology. Michael Sherrill emailed the apology to The Olympian on Monday, explaining that his reaction to the crowd was the result of post-traumatic stress disorder, not a political statement against the protesters.

I never meant to disrupt or confront the protesters. I support their cause and their right to protest. I certainly never intended to hurt anyone, Sherrill wrote.

I would like to publicly apologize to the protesters, the individuals who organized the march, and especially to the two young men, Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson, and their families, for my actions.

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Sherrill and the protesters came face to face on Harrison Avenue, near Woodruff Park on Olympia s West Side. The protest marked the one-year anniversary of an officer-involved shooting in which Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin were injured. The marchers had just entered the road, blocking traffic, when Sherrill tried to drive through. He revved his engine and drove at the people standing in his way.

A protester climbed onto the hood of the truck, pounding on its windshield. Others banged on the sides of the truck, and one protester threw a bicycle at it. The truck then drove away. Olympia police Lt. Paul Lower said that Sherrill won t face criminal charges for his actions and that no injuries had been reported.

It appeared that the protesters surrounded the car, and the driver was just trying to get through, Lower said.


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