Three sightings of ‘lion or puma on the loose’ in Cornwall

The mystery of the big cat on the prowl in Cornwall has deepened after a woman said she spotted a lion on a river bank. Jane Reddel is convinced she saw a lioness by a river. There have now been three reported sightings in the area in recent weeks.

Jane was yachting on the River Lynher with her brother and elderly dad when she could hardly believe her eyes. She said: As the boat was spinning around with the tide I suddenly became aware of a female lion right down at the water s edge.

She looked up and saw me, bounded over a fallen tree and up a sheer bank effortlessly and was gone.

Three Sightings Of 'lion Or Puma On The Loose' In Cornwall

With tremendous fear I rowed over to the spot and saw enormous sunken footprints in the shape of huge crosses in the mud leading right down into the water. Jane Reddel reckons she spotted the beast before the lorry driver s sighting which originally sparked Devon and Cornwall police into action.

I have now reported it to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Getty Images Three Sightings Of 'lion Or Puma On The Loose' In Cornwall Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Experts believe it is more likely to be a puma based on the description from the witness accounts. Gail Hodgson, of Pondhu Road St Austell, said she saw the animal in a tree next to the A390 near her house on June 17.

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She said: I saw one of the branches bouncing up and down like someone was jumping on it.

I didn t see the whole of the animal but I saw its back and its long tail.

It was definitely a cat and it was three times bigger than my dog, which is a schnauzer terrier.

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When I heard about that lorry driver I thought he was describing what I had seen. Police are keeping an open mind and officers from the force have already spent weeks helping trap escaped lynx Flaviu, who went missing from Dartmoor Zoo in Devon and was recaptured last week.

Dartmoor Zoo also keeps lions.

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