Police seize huge quantity of ganja, gutka

ANDHRA PRADESH[1]Staff Reporter[2]VIJAYAWADAApril 21, 2017 00:00 IST

Updated:April 21, 2017 04:35 IST

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Sleuths of the Commissioner’s Task Force on Thursday seized a lorry and 500 kg of ganja, which was being hauled from Visakhapatnam to Nizamabad in Telangana. Acting on a tip-off, officials conducted vehicle checking at Pottipadu toll gate and found a lorry from Visakhapatnam transporting ganja worth about Rs.

25 lakh. Police seized the lorry, ganja stock, Rs. .

3,000, three mobiles and arrested the lorry driver and his accomplice. On the other hand, city police raided godowns in Kabela centre, Urmila Nagar and seized the banned gutkha packets worth Rs.

4 lakh. Godowns raided

On a tip off, Bhavanipuram police raided the godowns and arrested five persons who were allegedly supplying gutkha sachets to various shops in the city.


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