Truck drags terrified car driver along motorway after crash

Gobsmacking footage – available above – shows a large green truck casually driving down the slow lane on a motorway. Behind it, a red car is being dragged by its smoking bonnet. The man filming says: “I don’t know what’s going on here.

Look at that! Oh my god.” But when he drives alongside the car to see what is happening, the fellow gets a big shock.

A terrified motorist waves from the window shouting: “Stop. He’s not stopping. Stop him.”

Truck drags car along motorway in funny videoNC

WHAT A DRAG: The truck pulls the smoking car along the motorway in the above video

Truck drag car across motorway in funny videoNC

FOR TRUCK’S SAKE: The car gets dragged across the motorway in the above video

Determined to help, the man races to the truck driver’s window and waves at him to pull over.

Another clip shows him confront the trucker who claims he “didn’t know” the car was attached to his vehicle. An argument almost breaks out when the bloke with the camera exclaims: “What do you mean you didn’t know it? “He’s on your truck.

You need to get out.”

Car Crash Fails

Friday, 16th September 2011Take a look at the most unfortunate car accidents and the question you will ask yourself is… HOW?An art piece perhaps? TwitterAn art piece perhaps?

The group of drivers manage to keep their calm but the motorists involved beg the cameraman to stop filming as they talk it through and the video ends.

The clip – filmed in an unknown location in America – has been watched thousands of times and viewers were dumbfounded by what they saw. One user wrote: “Trucking hell. He must have been on another planet to not notice that.”

Another commented: “Wow. You couldn’t make that up.” And a third added: “Ridiculous.

At least he’s OK though.”

Just weeks ago viewers were shocked and amazed when [1] caught on camera.

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