Bungling lorry driver gets truck stuck under Grade I-listed ancient Roman arch

A lorry became wedged under a Roman[1] arch in Lincoln after its driver tried to fit through the ancient construction and got stuck. The vehicle’s tyres had to be deflated to free it from beneath the Grade I-listed Newport Arch. City of Lincoln Council said it did not believe there was “any permanent structural damage”.

However, it said the arch had suffered “a small number of superficial scrapes”.

The arch was built in AD200 and was a gate on the Roman London to York road.

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The Roman arch was built in AD200 No permanent structual damage was believed to have been caused Smash in 1964 caused extensive damage The lorry left a few ‘superficial scrapes’

It had to be repaired in 1964 after a lorry crash caused extensive damage.

Experts who helped restore it again in 2014 have been called in by the local authority “as a safety measure” to provide expert advice.


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