HGV fears lead to housing developer’s review of plans for construction workers

A DEVELOPER is in the process of reviewing plans for its construction workers during a major Ringwood[1] housing scheme after town councillors called for tougher traffic management plans. Ringwood Town Councillors have asked that Linden Homes – which has received outline permission to build 62 homes on land bordered by Crow Lane, Crow Arch Lane, Hightown Gardens and the Hightown Industrial Estate – ensures traffic and parking for its workers are adequately provided. Councillors have also asked for reassurance that HGVs would be limited from accessing narrow lanes that make up the town to access the site.

The 62 homes form the first phase of the multi-million-pound development that could see 170 homes built close to green belt land and has been described as the single largest development in the town’s history. Linden Homes have now reviewed the feedback from the town council and will be reviewing their position. A spokesman for Linden Homes said: “We are absolutely committed to confirming a Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) that works for both local residents and our construction teams on site.

“We plan to be a part of this community for a number of years and we take our responsibilities towards our neighbours very seriously. “We received feedback on our plan from Ringwood Town Council towards the end of last month and since that time have been working to address the points raised. We are also liaising with Hampshire County Council, the local highways authority, to ensure our proposals are suitable.”

Councillors also asked that as well as contractor parking on site, a clear plan should show the number of spaces provided which will be provided on site at any one time, arguing that public transport would not be a viable option for workers given the tools they carry with them every day.

As part of the development Linden Homes have welcomed the town council and the community to help name roads of the new development.

Suggestions that have so far been put forward include names relating to farming and countryside, local farmers’ names, links to when horses worked the land, Mayors past and present and World War Two airfields in the area.


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