Uber Freight launches to connect truck drivers with available shipments

19 May, 2017 Uber Freight[1] is, quite literally, Uber for commercial trucking. The app, called Uber Freight, is available free[2] of charge.

Uber launched[3] a new app on Thursday called Uber Freight, which matches trucking companies with loads to haul. Uber Freight launches as Uber is steamrolling its way into multiple areas of the transportation industry, seeking to diversify beyond its signature ride-hailing app. “Owner-operators and fleets nationwide interested in matching with loads through Uber Freight can now start the process of signing up with the brokerage via this link[4]“. Uber’s pitch to potential carriers is similar to the one it makes to auto owners for its popular ride-hailing service, which has spread globally despite numerous legal and regulatory challenges.

Uber is in it for the long haul. In March of previous year the startup launched meal delivery service UberEats – Uber’s first new standalone app – and followed up with all-purpose delivery service UberRush last fall. But under the Uber Freight service, the fare price will be guaranteed and predefined.

Uber is keeping quiet on how many trucking companies and independent contractors[5] are using Uber Freight. It promises one-click signups for its users, with upfront pricing that shows just how much a particular load is worth. The move is part of Uber’s efforts to shake up the trucking industry.

“We fundamentally believe that by focusing on drivers’ pain points we can solve the industry’s biggest challenges”, the company said. Once the driver loads the shipment and heads to the destination, the processing of the payment initiates and the truck driver will be paid with the remuneration within 7 days. “Happy drivers means happy shippers, and ultimately everyone benefits, including the end consumers of the goods”. “An Uber for hauling stuff is sensible and really builds on what trucking companies have tried to do in their own ecosystem to ensure that trucks are full as often as possible”. “One of the tenants of building out Uber Freight is making drivers’ lives easier and helping them grow their business”, Berdinis says.

Otto is at the center of a lawsuit, with Google’s self-driving auto division claiming Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer who founded Otto, was using the startup as a shell to steal Google’s self-driving technology and use it for Uber.


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