Accident victim wants to know if SMC lorry was insured

(From left) Yap, Hing Yun, Ben, and Sia before submitting a letter to the council. SIBU: A woman reportedly hit by a lorry belonging to Sibu Municipal Council on June 14 is seeking confirmation from the council that the lorry was not covered by insurance at the time of the accident. Her lawyer Ben Lau sent a letter seeking confirmation from the council yesterday.

He was accompanied by former Dudong assemblyman Yap Hoi Liong. Yap told reporters at a press conference that he had reasons to suspect the lorry that hit Tie Nguok Sieng had no insurance coverage at the time of the accident. “Based on my investigation, the vehicle insurance policy expired on May 16, 2014,” he said.

He said a letter they handed to council chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King was attached with the information on the lorry from the Road Transport Department. Also present at the press conference were the victim’s husband Lau Hing Yun. The council has 14 days to reply to the letter, Yap said.

“The information from the Road Transport Department alone can’t ascertain the lorry was not covered by insurance at the time of accident.

“We still need confirmation from SMC,” Yap pointed out.

In the June 14 accident which happened around 9.30am at Deshon Timur Road traffic light intersection, Tie was riding a motorcycle when allegedly hit by the lorry, causing her to sustain head injuries, a broken right arm, a fractured shoulder, injuries to her right leg, ribs and back.

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