Angry Driver Shoots Out Truck’s Window On Tulsa Highway

TULSA, Oklahoma –

Police are looking for a man they say shot at a pickup on Tulsa Highway 169 near 21st Street Friday morning. Officers say Phillip Wagner was driving south on 169 when a man driving a white Dodge Dart pulled out a pellet gun and started shooting into his truck’s back window. Wagner says he noticed the Dodge Dart being driven erratically near Pine and 169.

He moved over to avoid it, but the Dodge ended up behind him. Wagner says the man got angry and shot at his truck. News On 6 met up with Wagner at a QuikTrip at 61st and Highway 169 where he told police what happened and showed them the damaged window.

He says he doesn’t understand how someone could get that angry. “The people that think they need to road rage to get to where you need to go, it’s not worth people’s lives. It’s not,” said Phillip Wagner.

Police ask if you know anything about this incident to call them.

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