Calm call after truck driver assault

The Road Transport Forum has called for calm after a violent incident involving a Bay of Plenty truck driver and a group of boy racers spilled over on to social media. Forum Chief Executive Ken Shirley is urging both sides to exercise restraint after truck driver Jordan Martin was allegedly attacked after he clipped a car in the Auckland suburb of Penrose on Friday night. It was later claimed the man was hit with a fridge during the attack after being blocked by the group at the Industry Road intersection.

“This has got totally out of hand and both sides need to just calm down,” says Ken. “The kind of vigilante justice being threatened from both sides principally through social media is totally unacceptable and does nothing to help the situation. “The incident that kicked all this off is extremely ugly.

No driver deserves to be attacked at their place of work, regardless of who was originally at fault for the accident. “The Road Transport Forum and our associations urge anyone associated with our industry to take a deep breath and stop escalating what is obviously a volatile situation. “Any illegal activity on either side should be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.”

The 21-year-old truck driver, who works for Blue Ice Transport in Rotorua, was left nursing minor injuries after leaving Owen’s Transport depot at around midnight on Friday.


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