Cyclist hit by truck now promotes safety education


A Wichita woman is advocating for safety for bicyclists following a serious crash between her on her bike and a vehicle. Christina Calhoun says she only uses a bike to get around Wichita. But that changed on June 27, 2017.

“He just turned right in front of me and hit me with his truck,” Calhoun said. It was at the intersection of 1st Street North and Washington that the accident occurred. According to police reports, Calhoun yelled at the truck driver trying to get him to stop as he turned across a bicycle lane.

The truck driver struck Calhoun on her bike. At that intersection, posted signs state motor vehicles turning south are to yield to bicyclists. In the report written by a Wichita Police officer, a statement was made from the vehicle driver that “[he] didn’t see anyone in the bicycle lane.”

“It could have been much worse,” Calhoun said. “That doesn’t feel lucky to me.” She escaped serious injury but her bike was damaged severely. Calhoun stated the driver of the truck was not issued a citation or fine and police records confirm that. KAKE News has reached out to the Wichita Police Department to see why a citation was not issued.

The public information officer says he is gathering details on the case but has yet to comment. Bike lanes are becoming more common in the City of Wichita. Several miles of them now exist where they did not just a few short years ago.

Calhoun says that there is no standardized method to bike lane implementation in Wichita, especially at intersection, which adds confusion for both cyclists and car drivers. Scott Wadle with the City of Wichita says that certain streets and intersections require specific configurations with bike lanes and lanes of traffic for safety, thus the reason for differences across the city with bike lanes and intersections. A meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 10, 2017 at the Transit Center at 777 E.

Waterman in Wichita to address the public’s concerns with bike lanes and other issues pertaining to pedestrians and cyclists. The meeting is slated to start at 5:30 p.m. Up for discussion is the legality of allowing bikes on city sidewalks.

According to Wadle, it is on the books that bikes are not allowed on sidewalks in parts of the city, but the cities municipal code is lacking definition to enforce the rule on the books. Wadle, in email to KAKE News, issued the following statement. “The Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board is looking to collect public input for possible changes to the Municipal Code – especially about whether bicycling on the sidewalk should be restricted, and if so – what locations it should apply to.” Calhoun is hoping that people show up to the meeting to give public input.

She says too often there are issues between drivers and cyclists.

“It happens up to three times a day almost every day,” Calhoun said. “It’s intentional, its confused, there are all manor of ways that it happens.”

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  1. RT @truckerworld: Cyclist hit by truck now promotes safety education #road #freight #cargo

  2. RT @truckerworld: Cyclist hit by truck now promotes safety education #road #freight #cargo

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