Driver takes ill behind wheel and smashes car into lorry

Middleton Avenue: Male driver taken to Hairmyles Hospital. Billy McDonagh

A driver has been taken to hospital after a crash between his car and a large goods vehicle in South Lanarkshire. Emergency services were called to reports of a collision on Middleton Avenue near Strutherhill industrial estate in Larkhall at around 1.50pm. It is understood the male driver of a gold Rover took ill behind the wheel before colliding into the lorry.

Police say the collision was “relatively minor” and the lorry driver was not injured. The Rover driver has been taken to Hairmyles Hospital for treatment. A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “At around 1.50pm, a large goods vehicle was involved in a relatively minor collision with a gold Rover on Middleton Avenue, Larkhall.

“The road has since been reopened and enquiries are continuing.”

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