Garbage truck catches fire in Colerain Township


A Rumpke truck caught fire Monday afternoon on the exit ramp of westbound Interstate 275 and Hamilton Avenue. Rumpke officials said the truck driver noticed the fire while driving on the highway, exited the road and shut down the truck. He ejected the burning trash on the roadside, and called police.

Advertisement Fire crews were called and extinguished the garbage fire. No injuries were reported.

“We appreciate the quick response from the Colerain and Springfield emergency crews,” said Amanda Pratt, Rumpke director of communications. “We are working to clear the scene as quickly as possible.”

While the source of the fire is unconfirmed, most fires that Rumpke experiences are a result of unacceptable materials placed in the trash or recycling, Rumpke official said.

During the summer, this typically includes grills, charcoal, lithium ion batteries and pool chemicals.

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