K-1 fighter uses ring skill to save man’s life after fiery road crash

NARUTO, Tokushima Prefecture–A K-1 mixed martial arts fighter used a skill he normally reserves for the ring in a dramatic life-saving encounter on the road. Kosuke Komiyama, 30, and a friend were driving through Naruto around 12:05 p.m. on July 12 when they encountered the aftermath of a collision between a truck and passenger car. Flames shot up about two meters from the front hood of the car.

A passer-by was trying to pull the 25-year-old driver from the vehicle. Komiyama and his friend found the driver’s leg was trapped between the steering wheel and the seat. They opened a back door and the three of them shook the passenger seat to create sufficient elbow room for the driver to escape.

At the same time, the 51-year-old driver of the truck began shouting, “Help! Get me out! Get me out!”

Komiyama shouted back in alarm, “Get out now.” However, both doors would not open, even as flames were almost licking the driver’s seat. Komiyama told the driver to move away from the passenger side door.

Then, using only his right elbow, Komiyama smashed the passenger side window. Shards of glass scattered over the seat. The truck driver managed to climb out through the window.

Minutes later, the two vehicles were engulfed in flames to a height of 10 meters. A fire truck and ambulance arrived and the fire was eventually extinguished. According to officers of the Naruto Police Station, the car driver suffered a broken leg, while the truck driver had chest injuries.

Komiyama was rushed to a hospital, where doctors removed shards of glass that had lodged in his arm.

“It was a close call,” Komiyama said of the incident. “I was able to take advantage of all that I learned in mixed martial arts.

I am very happy to have been of help to others.”

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