Lorry overturns on Scunthorpe slip road

Police are dealing with an incident where a lorry overturned on a slip road from the M181 to the M180. Sgt James Main, of Humberside Police[1] , said the incident happened this morning (Saturday, July 15) on the slip road from the M181 onto the M180 Scunthorpe. He said there is debris on the road and diesel across both lanes.

“Approach with extreme care on sharp bend,” Sgt Main added.

As reported, video footage has been released[2] showing the partial demolition and rebuilding of a motorway bridge near Scunthorpe.

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The works on the Bottesford Moor bridge over the M180 meant the motorway was closed for the whole of last weekend, leading to gridlock through Scunthorpe[3] on Saturday (July 8) and Sunday (July 9).

Now, Highways England has released two time-lapse videos showing the project being undertaken by engineers.


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