Truck driver arrested, arraigned for OD in fuel tanker


Kristopher Phoenix is being held on £20,000 bond after police say he was passed out on heroin inside a fuel truck. Phoenix, a driver for a fuel company, was arrested outside a gas station on West State Road in Cleves Wednesday afternoon. Advertisement

Phoenix was arraigned for possession of drugs and having control of a vehicle while under the influence. He entered a not guilty plea. The prosecutor handling the case asked that Phoenix be held on a high bond.

“An extremely dangerous situation for the public and we believe a high bond is warranted,” said Dave Wood with the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s officeOffice. Police and prosecutors have said that Phoenix was admitted to heroin, which was found in the truck. “They found the defendant unconscious and he admitted to using heroin where he was located,” Wood said.

Dan Burke, the defense attorney handling the arraignment, indicated that Phoenix was on his lunch break and had taken a nap. The chief of police for Cleves described a different situation. “He was slumped down onto the floor boards, between the pedals and the seat,” said Chief Rick Jones.

Chief Jones was among the officers who responded to the scene. He says they moved Phoenix out of the way to make sure the truck was in park, then checked on him. According to the Jones, they did not use Narcan to revive Phoenix because he startled awake.

Jones said this is one of the most dangerous situations he can imagine.

“I can’t think of a much worse scenario than having a person who’s overdosed, in a flammable truck, at a flammable gas station,” Jones said.

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