Truck driver charged after swerving to avoid ducks

The ducks were lucky. The truck driver, not so much. A Vineland, Ont., transport truck driver has been charged with performing an unsafe move after his vehicle swerved off Highway 401 to avoid hitting a family of ducks.

The crash happened around 9:40 a.m. Monday just east of Prescott, Ont, before the Highway 416 on-ramp. The truck was travelling east when it swerved across two lanes to avoid ducks that were on the road.

‘The consequences could be devastating.’ – OPP Sgt.

Brian Jones

The driver lost control and the truck struck a guiderail before ending up in a marsh on the south side of the highway, Ontario Provincial Police said. The driver was not injured and no other vehicles were involved in the collision. The driver has been charged with performing an unsafe move contrary to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

Police are reminding drivers that when they encounter wildlife on the road they should slow down as much as possible if it is safe to do so, and steer straight. “It is so dangerous,” said OPP Sgt. Brian Jones. “The consequences could be devastating.”

The ducks survived unscathed, Jones said.

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