Trucking companies pleased with new roundabout

The new Whakatu Arterial Roundabout is already receiving a positive reaction amongst trucking companies around the region, but some are calling for more to be done.

Road Transport Association New Zealand area executive Sandy Walker said, “The council could look harder at opening up other opportunities.

“The big push is that we need the Hastings and Napier councils to approve arterial routes that feed the bypass for high productivity motor vehicles (HPMV). Take port, for example, a lot of HMVs need a permit for overweight,” Mr Walker said.

“We as an association will work with the council as much as we can.” Advertisement

Emmerson Transport Limited managing director Ian Emmerson said, “In regard to the Whakatu interchange, I think the project is well speced and does not need more to be done.

“It is in actual fact slightly longer in kilometres and won’t necessarily cut down travel time.

We will definitely use the new route probably for north bound,” Mr Emmerson said.

He believed the finished product would make that area more streamlined.

“It will allow more speed upon entry into the expressway system through to Havelock North than the existing.”

Mr Walker was also in agreement, saying it wouldn’t necessarily cut down travel time.

“What it will do is direct traffic along Pakowhai Rd and along the expressway. Ultimately more freight less trucks and less trucks means a safer community.”

Operations manager of Everfresh Limited, Bevan Hall, said for them it would “absolutely improve travel time between Hastings, Napier and Havelock North”.

He said that some days they could have up to 15 trucks travelling in that area at one time.

“It absolutely is a good investment. It should improve road safety and flow smoothly.

It will save travel time and there will be less congestion, providing a safer alternative.”

Tomoana Warehousing Transport managing director Stewart Taylor said they didn’t use State Highway 2 that much.

The more important project was on Pakowhai Rd, with the flow of goods to Napier port.

However, he did say the new development would help relieve some of the commuter traffic travelling past their premises on Elwood Rd in Hastings.

“It creates a bottleneck for us when we are trying to get out of our workplace,” Mr Taylor said.

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