Video: ‘F***king idiot!’

A truck driver has lost his cool with a cyclist after nearly knocking the rider off his bike in London.

The cyclist and truck driver collided while riding down a busy road in London.
Source: YouTube/Simon Burrell

Another rider behind the cyclist captured the whole incident on his helmet camera and posted it to YouTube. The footage shows the cyclist nearly coming off his bike as the truck hugs closely to the left hand side of the road. The truck driver stops and emerges from the truck yelling at the cyclist.

“F***ing idiot! Look where you are on the road,” he yells. “You’ve gone in the left hand lane and come on my inside lane.

“Over and over again it tells you on the adverts, do not go on the f***ing left hand side of an articulated truck.”

The truck driver continues to yell at the cyclists, telling them they were in the wrong before jumping into his truck and driving away.

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