WATCH: Migrants Make Terrifying Leap From Moving Truck Before Fleeing UK Highway

(C) AP Photo/ Thibault Camus

As Europe struggles to cope with a migrant crisis, drivers on a UK highway were stunned to see a group of stowaways climb out of a truck before running across lanes of busy traffic. Drivers on the UK’s M1 motorway near Northampton were shocked when a Polish truck slowed down and a man jumped out of the vehicle’s side-door. He was soon followed by another nine stowaways, who climbed down the side of the truck and fled into woods by the side of the road.

The footage was taken as Europe struggles to cope with migrant flows from the Middle East and Africa.

Control of migration was a key theme of the UK’s Brexit debate last year, with many supporters of Brexit calling for the country to impose more stringent border controls as it leaves the European Union.

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