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Ingenuity Meets Design: First State Manufacturing (US) and FISA … 0

Ingenuity Meets Design: First State Manufacturing (US) and FISA …

MILFORD, Del. , Sept. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The new company formed by First State Manufacturing, Inc., (FSM) and FISA Italy (FISA) is called F Seating and is designed to integrate the custom cut and sew upholstery performed by FSM in the United States with the European design engineering style manufactured by FISA in Italy . F Seating will provide the commercial seating industry with a unique blend of form, fit, function and style positioning both partners to better serve a growing mass transit need throughout the world. Logo – [1] F Seating will offer one stop shopping for complete seat assemblies from the seat frame to the cushions and their upholstered covers. The company will offer seating for passengers and drivers on a variety of platforms including rail, truck, bus and aircraft. Initial standard designs are currently in production and will be ready for market by 2017. Mass Transit is a growing industry with a constant demand for products to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. As high speed rail continues to expand throughout the world, F Seating will serve existing markets as well as the growth areas anticipated in the United States , China , Europe and Japan . “F Seating has a streamlined purchasing system making it possible for purchasing agents and contracting officers to work with one company from the beginning to end of the seat assembly system making purchasing easier for the end user and providing cost savings due to realized efficiencies,” said Scott Crothers Vice President of Marketing and Contract Administration for FSM. “F Seating offers the ability to comply with either U.S. or European safety standards that makes purchasing simple for the end user,” continued Mr. Crothers. “In addition, F Seating provides continued standards of quality and customer service that both companies provide their current customers.” Mr. Luca Giantin , Marketing Director for FISA said, “This venture brings two very solid companies with fine reputations together to serve a market that is beginning to request quotes for complete seat assemblies rather than components. F Seating business philosophy of Italian design combined with American ingenuity will allow us to accommodate these requests with new and exciting products for the industry. In addition, our business model will allow for the flexibility of manufacturing in the market best suited for production, allowing us to capture savings for the markets we now serve separately under our own brands. ” F Seating will be represented by both Mr. Crothers and Mr. Giantin at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology Innotrans 2016 in Berlin in September 2016 , at the FISA Italy booth in Hall 1.1/311. To learn more about F Seating visit either the First State Manufacturing website [2] , or FISA Italy website [3] or contact 302 424 4520 (US) 39 0432 986 071 ( Italy ). This content was issued through the press release distribution service at For more info visit: [4] SOURCE First State Manufacturing, Inc. References ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ (


Digger driver at centre of Ben Needham police probe was successful businessman who ‘knew everyone on the island’

The digger driver suspected of killing Ben Needham [1] was a wealthy businessman protected by a code of silence for 25 years, it is feared. Konstantinos Dino Barkas had a network of contacts all over Kos, the Mirror can reveal. Dino, who died of cirrhosis last year aged 62, was initially quizzed about Ben s disappearance and told police [2] he would chop his arms off so he could never drive again if he had killed 21-month-old Ben. But it is now feared these were hollow words and that he was able to hide a dark secret because he was so well connected on the Greek island where the toddler went missing in 1991. Read More John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror Digger driver Kostantinos Barkas A close friend of the Barkas family, who asked not to be identified, said: Everyone on Kos and I mean everyone knew Dino. The owner of a cafe in nearby Kos Town said: He was a very well-known figure in the business community. “He was a very successful businessman involved in the building of many hotels on the island. Despite owning the company he was a very hard worker and didn t mind getting his hands dirty. But he also loved his drink [3] and was a well-known womaniser. Read More Ben Needham has been missing for 25 years Ben s mum Kerry Needham said it would make sense if Dino had people protecting him. Kerry, from Sheffield, said: I thought he was just a poor digger driver, I had no idea he was so connected. “I m now starting to worry there has been a conspiracy of silence around him all these years. I think he was being protected which stopped people coming forward in 25 years. “But now I would appeal to them, to think of my family and the pain we suffered. John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror Kostantinos Barkas knew everyone on the island Please, stop being scared and help us find out exactly what happened to my son. Please come forward. Dino was widely known to be a heavy drinker, raising questions over whether he may have been drunk while operating heavy machinery. Despite his wealth Dino spent many days in the cab of his huge digger. He was clearing access for a delivery of concrete on the day Ben went missing, on a building site just 100 yards from the farmhouse where the toddler was playing in the village of Iraklis. When quizzed by the Daily Mirror in 2012 he said: Yes, I was the man with the JCB that day. John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror His son Valandis Barkas Loads of earth were being taken to clear the ground for the new house down the road. I think people were misled in thinking the child was abducted. Could there have been an accident? “I don t think so, but no one really knows what happened. But Dino later insisted to his close family that Ben had been abducted. It has been claimed Ben could have been killed in an accident but his body then removed from the scene and buried elsewhere. British police have been looking into the timetable of events leading up to Ben s disappearance. John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror Kostantinos Barkas’ grave After Dino s death last year a new witness told police there were two areas of land where building waste had been dumped by Dino which had never been searched. South Yorkshire Police [4] are now due to dig on Kos for a second time. The force confirmed officers will be travelling to Kos this month to work with Greek authorities and start digs at two new sites. Det Supt Matt Fenwick, leading the investigation, said: There will be planned operational activity at two locations on the island that have been identified as areas of interest to the investigation. “We continue to keep an open mind and have updated Ben s family about certain lines of enquiry we re currently exploring. North Downs Picture Agency Konstantinos Barkas A dedicated policing team continues to work extremely hard to find answers for his family and keep them fully informed and supported throughout the investigation. Kerry understands there is a statute of limitations of 20 years in Greek law, and does not believe there will ever be a prosecution for Ben s disappearance or death. Many islanders have reportedly long believed an accident involving construction machinery was the most credible explanation for Ben s disappearance. Shopkeeper Xanthippi Aggrelli, 63, was at school with Dino and got to know the Needhams when she volunteered as their translator in 1991. She told the Mirror: When it happened people were saying that something terrible has happened to the baby boy; some said the truck smashed into him. Daily Mirror Ben Needham vanished in 1991 There was a big Caterpillar truck and a digger. It was the baby s curiosity; he was going there to see. “We heard from many people that it was an accident. It was thought the body was hidden and that is why Ben has never been found. But Dino s family defended him. Son Valandis Barkas, 29, said: My dad lived his life with this hanging over him and I cannot believe they are still hounding him even after his death. “He had nothing to do with Ben s disappearance. Towards the end he was a very ill man, and he was very concerned and worried about everything to do with Ben coming back. It upset him a lot. Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror Kerry Needham and her mother Christine My mother is very, very tired. She lost her husband and now she has to go through all this. “When the British police came here he went up there to the site to help them. “He told them they could look as much as they want but they would not find the little boy there. As far as I know the boy was abducted. That s what my dad always said and that s what our family still believe today. “My father was a very good, honest man. My dad always told the police and prosecutors that there wasn t an accident. Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror Kerry Needham has been left devastated by the latest development He said the boy was taken away and almost certainly taken to Athens. He added: I hope that Ben is still alive. As a father myself I cannot imagine what his mother is going through. He said his father died from cirrhosis of the liver after suffering from intestinal problems for some time. Dino s brother Ioannis branded the renewed investigation disgusting . He said: My brother is dead he cannot defend himself. Why don t they let his soul rest in peace. I don t understand why they are still chasing Dino. Are they going to take a dead man in to court? Ben Needham References ^ Ben Needham ( ^ police ( ^ drink ( ^ South Yorkshire Police (


Cops have Land Rover stripped bare by thieves

Police chiefs who warned Land Rover owners about a spate of thefts were left red-faced – when their own 4×4 was stripped bare by crooks. To make matters worse for Leicestershire Police [1] , the brazen crime happened outside one of their own stations. The 50,000 Land Rover Defender – painted in police markings – was stripped of its bonnet and all four doors by the thieves. Criminals have been targeting the iconic 4x4s for parts to sell online since they went out of production in January. Officers had recently warned locals in Market Bosworth about the spate of UK-wide thefts. Read More Google Red-faced cops had parked the Land Rover outside Market Bosworth police station So residents were stunned to spot the force s Defender minus its doors and bonnet outside the town s police station last week. Red-faced bosses ordered the 65-plate vehicle – on loan from a local dealership – to be taken away onto a tow-truck. Emma Burton, who lives in nearby Newbold Verdon, Leics, was driving to work when she spotted the Defender. She said: I saw the back first and there was a police officer stood with it and I thought the back door was open. But then when I got closer I realised it was missing completely along with all the other doors and bonnet. The officer seemed a bit embarrassed. It was literally parked up on the road outside the police station. Read More It is quite a problem around here. There was one stolen from a nearby village and found a few days later in a yard. Someone else had their old Defender stripped completely. People sell them for parts because there is a big demand. Some people think the police don t take it seriously when they report their Land Rover has been stripped. Hopefully they will now it has happened to their own 4×4, added Emma, 23. The Defender was loaned to Leicestershire Police by Sturgess Land Rover last summer to help tackle rural crime. Local beat officer PC Rob Cross said at the time he hoped the vehicle would show residents that police take it seriously . References ^ Leicestershire Police (