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Watch the 6PM edition of Rappler s newscast, The wRap 1 1 Published 7:15 PM, Sep 01, 2015 Updated 7:33 PM, Sep 01, 2015 Today on Rappler: Justice Secretary Leila de Lima denies 2 2 INC deal: I m back at work Senator Nancy Binay files a bill to declare January 25 3 3 a special working holiday 355,500 homes in NCR face water disruption 4 4 starting September Climate ups odds of grey swan 5 5 superstorms Austria tightens security 6 6 along the Austro-Hungarian border Production Staff EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / WRITER Lilibeth Frondoso DIRECTOR Rupert Ambil HEAD WRITER / PROMPTER Marga Deona Bianca Gacad MASTER EDITOR / PLAYBACK Exxon Ruebe Emerald Hidalgo Jaene Zaplan TECHNICAL DIRECTOR / CAMERAMAN Charlie Salazar Adrian Portugal Francis Lopez Naoki Mengua GRAPHICS Raffy de Guzman Ernest Fiestan GRAPHICS DESIGN / ANIMATION Acid House References ^ 7 ( 8 ^ 9 denies ( 10 ^ 11 January 25 ( 12 ^ 13 water disruption ( 14 ^ 15 grey swan ( 16 ^ 17 security ( 18 Europe s so-called migrant crisis, which may more accurately be described as a refugee 19 1 crisis, threatens to compromise what English journalist Robert Fisk calls the one victory which we Europeans learned from the Second World War compassion. In an op-ed for the British Independent , Fisk describes the way in which desperate poor and huddled masses are treated as foreign invaders determined to plunder and subjugate our sovereignty, our heimat, our green and pleasant land. Since our latest clich -rag is to tell the world that the refugee crisis is the greatest since that war, I was reminded of how Winston Churchill responded to the German refugee columns fleeing through the snows of eastern Europe in 1945 before the advance of the avenging Soviet Army .

These, remember, were the civilians of the Third Reich those who had brought Hitler to power, who had rejoiced at Nazi Germany s barbaric genocides and military victories over peaceful nations . They were the people of a guilty nation slouching towards Year Zero . It was years since I read the letter Churchill wrote to his wife, Clementine, on his way to the Yalta conference in February of 1945.

But I looked it up this weekend, and here is the key section: I am free to confess to you that my heart is saddened by the tales of the masses of German women and children flying along the roads everywhere in 40-mile long columns to the West before the advancing armies . I am clearly convinced that they deserve it; but that does not remove it from one s gaze . The misery of the whole world appals me and I fear increasingly that new struggles may arise out of those we are successfully ending .

Churchill would have called his sentiment magnanimity . It was compassion. Incredibly, it is Germany the nation from which tens of thousands of refugees fled before the Second World War, and from whose armies they would flee in their millions after the conflict began which is now the destination of choice for the hundreds of thousands of huddled masses trekking across Europe .

Germany s generosity flares like a beacon beside the response of PR Dave and his chums . Didn t our Prime Minister ever read Churchill ? Or did he read too much Tennyson ?

He likes to quote a line from Tennyson s Ulysses To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield which was inscribed on the athlete village wall at the 2012 London Olympic Games . But did he also, I wonder, enjoy Tennyson s own favourite sonnet, Montenegro, in which our Victorian Poet Laureate rejoices at the Montenegrin warriors beating back the swarm/Of Turkish Islam ? A good word, swarm .

A good starter but it is a bad sticker, as Churchill himself warned in a pre-war message to Hitler of the Fuhrer s contempt for another benighted people. More than 30 years ago, in Jerusalem, I met that prince of journalists, James Cameron . He had defended my reporting of Northern Ireland and so, of course, was a hero of mine but he, like Churchill, was a man of great compassion .

I thought of him not long ago when I was complaining about another group of feral Syrian boy refugees who had been following me down a Beirut street . Almost 40 years ago Cameron was reporting for the BBC on another fleet of refugees seeking salvation on unseaworthy vessels. It was a dishonest journalistic compromise to call the Vietnamese refugees the boat people , he wrote in his script, which has an almost comfortable sound, like people on a holiday cruise .

Refugees are fugitives, escapers, victims, the lost and the lonely Jewish refugees, Arab refugees, German refugees, Indian refugees, Pakistani refugees, Russian refugees, Bangladeshi refugees, Korean refugees . Cameron recalled the 17th-century Huguenots who fled to Britain, the persecuted Jews who fled from eastern Europe to America in the 1900s. And then Cameron came close to a PR Dave moment .

In those days the world was a pretty empty place; there was room almost everywhere for the homeless stranger . Everywhere to which an alien might wish to take refuge is now overpopulated, and already with problems of its own . And some refugees are avaricious, some are saving their skin, some are on a bandwagon .

But I have yet to meet a refugee baby who left home other than because he had to . There was no divine ordinance , Cameron asserted, that says you must stay where you were born. Were the followers of Moses not refugees, as they continued to be for 2,000 years, until they replaced their exodus with someone else s?

A unique irony of our modern-day tragedy is that an Irish naval vessel has been saving the lives of thousands of shipwrecked refugees a few miles from the Libyan coast . A century and a half ago the Irish famine exodus was washing its refugees up on the coast of Canada, the vessels filled with men, women and children dying or dead of typhus, received with compassion but also with fear that their plague would contaminate the people of the Canadian Maritimes. It fell to P l Muir , the Irish-language editor of The Irish Times, whose own father was a migrant construction worker in Britain, to point out last week how many Irishmen helped build the Channel Tunnel and of how today the migrants are on the other side, trying to get through .

Yes, something should be done about the refugees, Muir rhetorically agreed . But then and since I love great writing, you must bear with me he added: The whole thing is a bit frightening, isn t it, all those people throwing themselves at the fences at the mouth of the tunnel that the Donegal ones helped build It was when the camera panned back to show men standing and watching, with all the dignity they could muster, that I suddenly realised I was seeing my father in England Do you see your family in their faces too ? Look a little closer .

Don t be afraid. As they say, necessity knows no law . Nor does compassion.

References ^ 20 refugee ( 21 Family-friendly river cruising Nearly 80,000 Australians took river cruises in Europe last year . Most of them were baby-boomers aged 50 and above, and most of them travelled as couples or singles it s unusual to see families with children on a river cruise . While multi-generational cruising is certainly a booming market in ocean-cruising modern resort-style ships offer a wealth of holiday fun for all age groups river cruises haven t been noted for being very child-friendly.

However, things are changing . If you have children from about 10 and up who can be weaned off a constant diet of manufactured entertainment, a river cruise could be a very enjoyable holiday for you, the kids and maybe their grandparents as well . Christmas-market cruises are a great example kids who have never seen snow, or gone ice-skating outside of a shopping mall, are entranced by the festive atmosphere and activities on offer in Europe in the northern-hemisphere winter .

And what kid of any age can resist the chance to explore the torture chamber in a real-life medieval castle? Uniworld is tripling its multi-generational river cruise departures next year . Family-friendly itineraries include special onboard perks for kids, including a personal ship s tour with the captain or cruise manager, language classes (French, German, Italian, Hungarian), a dessert-making workshop with the ship s pastry chef, a hands-on craft workshop, kid-friendly menus with unlimited soft drinks and a dedicated family host to oversee children s activities .

Another plus: children aged four to 18 travelling with an adult will also receive a 50 per cent discount. Departures are scheduled for the European summer and winter holidays . For example, the eight-day cruise from Nuremberg to Frankfurt, departing on December 12, 2016, includes visits to Frankfurt s paleontological museum to see the dinosaurs, mornings and evenings at several Christmas markets, and joining a German family in a small village to share seasonal treats .

See 22 1 . Tauck is another company that offers family-friendly river cruises, in its Tauck Bridges program . Next year there are itineraries on the Danube (seven nights from Budapest to Hungary), Rhine (seven nights from Basel to Amsterdam) and in France (two days in Paris plus a seven-day cruise from Lyon to Avignon) .

In 2017, due to demand , Tauck is doubling its family-friendly cruises to 20 . The ships sailing these itineraries can accommodate three or four people in one stateroom and families can also book adjacent staterooms. Highlights include learning to make strudel, scavenger hunts in the Louvre, meeting cowboys in the Camargue and plenty of opportunities to go cycling .

See 2 . MEET THE CREW 23 NAME: Marin Vuljan , from Croatia POSITION: Beverage operations manager, Carnival Cruise Line s Carnival Legend MY JOB: I supervise all the ship s beverage operations, which include 18 bars and the Cherry On Top shop, as well as any weddings and private parties that are held onboard . I also order all the beverage stock and supplies.

MY TYPICAL DAY I arrive on duty by 8.30am and spend the day regularly checking in with all the bars and dealing with any bar operation requirements that I come across . During the afternoon I enjoy some free time for a few hours before heading back on duty from late afternoon usually until midnight. FAVOURITE CRUISE MOMENT A few years ago my family joined the ship I was working on for a cruise in Hawaii and Alaska .

It was a truly great experience for them and for me. FAVOURITE CRUISE PORTS Honolulu in Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Melbourne, and Mystery Island in Vanuatu. INSIDER TIP The drinks are excellent in all our bars but make sure you try a personalised Alchemy cocktail made with premium spirits and fresh ingredients.

TIP For the most scenic views on an Alaskan cruise between Vancouver and Anchorage, book an ocean-view or balcony cabin on the starboard (right) side when you re heading north and port on the southbound journey. NEWS Voyage back in time Hundreds of rare photographs illustrate the remarkable 175-year history of P&O Cruises in a new book written by Rob Henderson, Doug Cremer, Rachelle Cross and Chris Frame. A Photographic History of P&O Cruises contains material dating back to the 1830s, amassed by archivist Rob Henderson over 46 years .

Chris Frame said, Having access to the rare source documents and extensive imagery allowed us to trace P&O s story from a unique angle . As Australians, it was a great thrill to see how much our country had helped shape the world famous P&O. RRP $43; available at 3 and onboard P&O Cruises ships soon.

SHARE with Curtis 24 Princess Cruises has unveiled details of SHARE by Curtis Stone, the popular TV chef s first restaurant at sea, which will arrive in local waters early next year . Sun Princess will be the first Australian-based Princess ship to feature SHARE, with the restaurant opening onboard in April 2016, following its debut on Ruby Princess and Emerald Princess in the northern hemisphere this December . SHARE offers a menu of dishes designed for sharing and the restaurant will feature a communal table, comfortable low-backed leather banquettes and decorative curios from Curtis collection .

See 25 4 . Biking and barging Active holiday specialist Outdoor Travel has released details of its 2016 Bike & Barge cycling cruises in the Aquitaine (Bordeaux) region of south-west France . They operate between May and October and you can take guided or self-guided cycling tours well-maintained multi-geared bicycles with panniers are provided and electrically assisted E-bikes are also available for the less energetic .

The area is famous for its vineyards, historic villages and chateaux and there are plenty of scenic bicycle paths and back roads to explore . Cruises depart weekly on the 96-passenger ship Bordeaux; see 26 5 . DEAL OF THE WEEK Shore excursions are free on Cruise Express new 16-night Highlights of the Adriatic package (and onboard drinks if you book an ocean-view balcony cabin) .

The tour departs Australia on May 18, 2016, and includes a 12-night voyage from Venice to Rome on Celebrity Constellation, return flights and accommodation in Rome . From $7990; phone 1300 764 509, see 27 6 . MORE DEALS ROYAL CARIBBEAN Book before September 16 to save up to 30 per cent per person on more than 150 Royal Caribbean cruises in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Asia .

For example, seven-night Tasmania cruises on Voyager of the Seas, departing November 28, 2015, and March 28, 2016, start from $699 . Phone 1800 754 500, see 28 7 . WORLD EXPEDITIONS Save $US1400 on the 11-day Basecamp Antarctic Peninsula voyage, departing Ushuaia , Chile, on November 16 .

This special voyage offers free kayaking, snowshoeing, climbing and Zodiac cruising activities, as well as photographic workshops . From US$5640; phone 1300 720 000, see 29 8 . The story Family friendly river trips in Australia and Europe 30 9 first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald 31 10 .

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Radio Newsbeat | wirelesswaffle 0

Radio Newsbeat | wirelesswaffle

Waffler Many happy returns to Tony Blackburn for reaching 50 years of presenting radio programmes you are a national treasure! I am also chuffed that he is doing quite few programmes on BBC Radio Berkshire, my local station. From the Radio Today site (selections by the Waffler) Ofcom has received five declarations of intent to apply for the commercial radio AM licence for Greater London held by Sunrise Radio.

It means the licence, using the 963AM and 972AM frequencies, will be fully re-advertised by the regulator on 5th August. Declarations of intent have been received from the following companies: Asian FX Ltd London Air Radio Ltd Lyca Media II Ltd Sabras Radio Ltd Sunrise Radio (London) Ltd Each of the five has paid over 80,000 to Ofcom to register their intent, comprising a 14,500 application fee and a deposit of 66,700 which will be refundable upon receipt of a valid application. This re-advertisement will be open to all applicants and is not limited to the companies who have submitted a declaration of intent to apply.

Sunrise moved from 1458 in London when the licence was bought out from administrators earlier this year. Sally Traffic departs Radio 2 Drivetime 640sallytraffic UPDATE: Apologies, Sally isn t leaving Radio 2 altogether, but moving to a new role. More details to follow Sally Boazman, known to millions as Sally Traffic on BBC Radio 2, is taking the next exit from the Simon Mayo Drivetime show.

She s been at the station since 1999, when it first wanted a dedicated traffic reporter. Sally worked with Johnnie Walker, Steve Wright, Jeremy Vine and Chris Evans over the years. Before that Sally was at AA Roadwatch and London Weekend TV, and was also Chief Travel Reporter for BBC GLR.

Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo has blogged about her departure from his show, saying: Sally has decided to call it a day at the travel desk after 15 years of hard slog and devotion to the M25. Afternoons will not be the same! What will I do without someone to find an innuendo in every sentence?

Who can match the throaty appeal of the trucker s pal? (she s snorting at that one obviously) Even from afar I always thought Sal had one of the best voices on the radio and it has been great to have her on the team (stop it Sally). How can we mark her retirement? What tribute can the show pay?

Why, SALLY TRAFFIC oldies of course. What greater honour KISS, which is now broadcasting across the UK on digital radio, is releasing its second compilation album of 2014. KISSTORY 2014: THE BEST OLD SKOOL & ANTHEMS is full of the songs played by the station each weekday at 11am.

Sony Music have ensured advertorial support for the release across Channel 4, ITV, Sky 1, Sky Comedy and Comedy Central. A wider Bauer Media campaign will see a promotional radio campaign across a number of Passion and Place Portfolio stations in addition to adverts in heat magazine. Competitions to win albums will run on KISS FM UK, while the CD will feature at the station s forthcoming KISSTORY events in London on 23rd and Bristol on 24th August.

Andy Roberts, Group Programme Director at KISS FM UK said: To launch a second album within a year is a reaction to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we ve had. KISSTORY tunes are the DNA that built the KISS FM UK we know today and we re dedicated to growing the brand and feeding the demand from our consumers. Like this: Like Loading…


The Fuzz Drivers Debut "Carved Time" Video 0

The Fuzz Drivers Debut "Carved Time" Video

The Fuzz Drivers have debuted a new music video on the eve of their European tour with King Lizard and The Scams. “Carved Time” is the third single from the Portuguese rockers’ self-titled debut album — available for free download at The video comes a few days after the announcement of the band’s worldwide deal with Ripple Music and their upcoming live dates in Spain, UK, Scotland, Belgium and Germany. Southern Rock from a Portuguese rock band?

The Fuzz Drivers are a blasting new sound formed in Lisbon, who are claiming fast fame in Portugal. The talents of Marcelo Vieira (vocals), Sergio “Mad Mag” (guitar), Joao Lopes (bass) and Duarte Carvalho (drums) packed a powerhouse of sound into their self-titled debut album, and now the band plans to do the same with Ripple Music. Influences from music of the past four decades rages to the forefront of The Fuzz Drivers’ sound, creating a definite Southern rock vibe that is then blended through the hard rock cannon of Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin.

Plowing the same massively heavy fields of ’70s and ’80s classic hard rock that fueled their debut, The Fuzz Drivers aim to build upon the crushing success of that first release and take their rocking brand of heaviness to a new level with their Ripple Music debut which will be released worldwide in 2014. The band plans to follow up with a full scale European tour and hit all the major heavy rock festivals. For the growing legions of Ripple fans, known as the Waveriders, The Fuzz Drivers will be another must hear addition to the ranks of bands that already include such heavy rockers as Mos Generator, Devil To Pay, Mothership, Trucker Diablo and Ape Machine.

You can bet that the combination of The Fuzz Drivers and Ripple Music will be a combustible mixture!

The Fuzz Drivers, King Lizard and The Scams tour dates: August 30 Leon – Taberna BelfastAugust 31 Irun – Sala TunkSeptember 11 Grimsby – YardbirdsSeptember 12 Edinburgh – Bannerman’sSeptember 13 Bradford – GasworksSeptember 14 Southampton – ROXXSeptember 15 London – The UnderworldSeptember 16 Tongeren – Club SodomSeptember 18 Hamburg – Rock Cafe St.

PauliSeptember 19 Cologne – MTCSeptember 20 Hamminkeln – KuBa Courtesy of