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Franklin County sheriff’s weekly report: firewood stolen and caught on video

Franklin County Sheriff s Office weekly report from Sept. 10 16, 2016: 9/10/2016 Sgt. Kevin Hartley investigated a report of a possible marijuana grow on the Weymouth Road in Freeman Twp. 9/10/2016 Sgt. Matt Brann investigated a report of an impaired driver on Route 27 in Kingfield. He found the reported vehicle parked with no driver. 9/10/2016 Sgt. Brann investigated a report of phone harassment at Shadagee Lane in Phillips. 9/10/2016 Deputy Derek Doucette received a report that a man in Eustis was driving around in a gold-colored Toyota sedan with a suspended license. 9/11/2016 Deputy Sandy Burke investigated a theft of firewood on Dutch Gap Road in Chesterville that was caught on video. 9/11/2016 Sgt. Brann responded to a 911 hang-up complaint in the woods near Greenwood Brook Road in Industry. It was determined to be juveniles with a cell phone. 9/11/2016 Deputy Doucette stopped a vehicle reportedly traveling 80 mph in a 50 mph zone on Route 4 in Jay at 11 p.m. Upon turning on the vehicle, Doucette reported the operation was consistent with impairment. As a result of the stop, Thomas Mosher, 26, of Fairfield, was arrested on a charge of operating under influence of drugs. 9/12/2016 Deputy Doucette investigated a theft of used batteries from the Chesterville landfill which had occurred over the weekend. 9/12/2016 Deputy Andrew Morgan responded to an animal complaint on George Thomas Road in Chesterville where a labrador retriever was attacked by a pit bull dog. The lab was injured, the pit bull was removed by the animal control officer. 9/12/2016 Sgt. Hartley investigated a reported theft of knives at a residence in Carthage. The theft apparently occurred a few weeks ago and was just being reported. 9/12/2016 Deputy Burke investigated a reported theft of tools from a garage at a residence in New Sharon. 9/12/2016 Deputy Morgan and Sgt. Brann investigated an alleged violation of bail in New Sharon. 9/12/2016 Sgt. Brann investigated a bad check complaint at Our Village Market in New Vineyard. 9/12/2016 Sgt. Hartley investigated a late report of a theft of a shotgun from a residence in Carthage which occurred early in the summer. A game camera was also reported at stolen. 9/12/2016 Deputy Burke investigated a report of a theft of a lawn mower from a residence in Perkins Twp. 9/12/2016 Sgt. Hartley investigated a report of suspicious activity in Sandy River Plt. 9/13/2016 Sgt. Brann and Deputy Morgan investigated an unattended death report in Chesterville. 9/13/2016 Sgt. Nate Bean investigated an assault complaint on Taylor Hill Road in New Vineyard. No charges were filed. 9/14/2016 Deputy Morgan responded to a report of a hit and run accident on Zions Hill Road in Chesterville. While a tow truck driver was attempting to load a disabled vehicle, a black pickup with a brush guard and loud exhaust came by, struck the tow truck and left the scene without stopping. There was a male driver in the vehicle. No injuries were reported. 9/14/2016 Deputy Keith Madore investigated a civil issue brought up by a postal service worker regarding mail for an elderly woman who no longer lived at her residence in New Sharon. 9/14/2016 Sheriff Scott Nichols assisted Farmington police with an accident on Main Street. 9/14/2016 Sgt. Brann responded to Stinchfield Hill Road regarding a report of a horse that had escaped its enclosure. Brann was able to find and return the animal; an ACO was not available. 9/14/2016 Det. Ken Charles started an investigation of a report of a sexual assault that was reported to have occurred in Chesterville. 9/15/2016 Deputy Morgan responded to a single vehicle accident on the Cohoon Road in Chesterville at 3:30 a.m. after a vehicle ran into a tree. According to the driver he walked to his camp then consumed alcohol for a while prior to returning to the scene to report the accident. He was charged with failure to report an accident by quickest means. 9/15/2016 Sgt. Brann responded to a single vehicle accident on Route 27 in New Vineyard where the driver swerved to avoid a deer and hit a tree instead. 9/16/2016 Deputy Madore investigated a theft complaint from the Corner Store in Chesterville. 9/16/2016 Deputy Madore responded to a complaint of a tractor trailer being driven in an aggressively on Route 27 in New Vineyard. Deputies conducted 11 building checks during this time period, all were secure. Deputies also conducted six elder checks. – Submitted by Sheriff Scott Nichols

HNA looks to tap into Portuguese airline 0

HNA looks to tap into Portuguese airline

Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, which owns ground handler Swissport [1] , is preparing to take a stake of up to 20% in Portuguese national airline TAP [2] , according to French news agency AFP. It is reported that HNA will buy an initial 7% stake in Atlantic Gateway, the private consortium that owns 61% of TAP, citing a private shareholder in the southern European carrier, Humerto Pedrosa, adding that its direct and indirect stake could reach 20%. HNA is on the acquisition trail, having already bought Gategroup [3] Holding, the world s second-largest airline catering company, for $1.5bn in April. The Chinese aviation and tourism group also took a strategic 23.7% stake worth $450m in Azul Brazilian Airlines [4] in November last year. In the same month as the Azul deal, Brussels regulators approved HNA s SFr2.73bn acquisition of airport ground handler Swissport. References ^ Opens external link in new window ( ^ Opens external link in new window ( ^ Opens external link in new window ( ^ Opens external link in new window (


Shocking Video Of Truck Outrunning Roadblock Is More Complicated Than You Think

On a dark night in northern France near the English channel, a Polish truck driver is doing his normal run. Sigala s Give Me Your Love [1] blares out of the stereo. Out of the darkness, what looks to be a massive tree branch is strewn across the road, and it s surrounded by men holding what look like weapons. It looks like a normal, criminal stickup, but it s way more complicated than that. They re refugees, and they re trying to make their way to Britain. More than a million people have fled to Europe as war in the Middle East drags on, and their destinations vary all over Europe. Most countries in Europe have been relatively easy for them to reach once inside the European Union but the United Kingdom lies outside the passport-free Schengen Area, and the English Channel acts as a veritable moat, keeping people out. The British government has agreed to re-settle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees [2] but so far, that s it. Refugees from other war-torn countries like Eritrea aren t as fortunate even if they embrace the possibility of death over a lifetime of torture [3] in a country sometimes called the North Korea of Africa. [4] Advertisement Nearly 10,000 refugees sit in a camp near Calais, France, known as The Jungle. Running water is intermittent in The Jungle, and lines for showers can stretch for more than six hours, according to Doctors Without Borders [5] . Migrants in The Jungle. Photo credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Most in The Jungle want to get to British soil, where they hope to find jobs and start a new life. Most wait there, doing what they can until approved for re-settlement. Some get tired of waiting, and they take matters into their own hands. A report from the Guardian last month says it s not getting better: Advertisement Verona Murphy, president of Irish Road Haulage Association, who visited the camp last month, said the number of violent attacks against lorry drivers was worse than ever. And the migrants are more brazen than ever. Lorry drivers report being attacked with stones, metal bars and wooden stakes. Joseph Druhan, who has been driving lorries through Calais for more than 40 years, said: It s the worst I ve seen it. He said he seen seen vehicles attacked with bolt cutters, chainsaws and angle grinders by migrants trying to stow away in trucks. It s gotten so bad that last month French truck drivers threatened to close the port of Calais [6] unless something was done about the camp. So oppression in Africa and the Middle East has pushed refugees to the edge of continental Europe, and the English Channel (and the UK s limited acceptance of refugees) has pressed truckers into the role of unwilling ferrymen. Advertisement It s an incredibly bad situation for everyone involved. The refugees can t go back, often for fear of being murdered. The truck drivers need to be able to do their jobs as safely as possible. Right now, something has to improve. References ^ Give Me Your Love ( ^ up to 20,000 Syrian refugees ( ^ the possibility of death over a lifetime of torture ( ^ the North Korea of Africa. ( ^ Doctors Without Borders ( ^ threatened to close the port of Calais (