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Max Recycle expands services in the UK 0

Max Recycle expands services in the UK

Max Recycle [1] , a commercial waste management and recycling company based in Kendal, United Kingdom, in northern England, says it is expanding its existing operations to cover the surrounding South Lake District in the county of Cumbria, England. Ray Hawthorne, Max Recycle s chairman, says, Max Recycle is one of the North s biggest private waste and recycling specialist and we are now in the Lakes too. We have been operating in the area for some time and are delighted that we can expand our waste management services further into Southern Lakeland. Small, medium and large businesses, hotels, caravan sites and rental property owners can all benefit from using Max Recycle for their regular business waste. Our company offers them the opportunity to save money and help make recycling easy. He says a benefit of using Max Recycle is that the company is committed to delivering our ambitions towards landfill minimisation and recycling. Wherever possible the waste is diverted away from landfill and sent to fully licensed materials recovery facilities. From our regional depot in Kendal we are extending our services throughout Southern Lakeland from Kendal up to Windermere and Ambleside across to Barrow-in-Furness with a fleet of 10 new vehicles. Regarding the company s fleet expansion, Max Recycle Operations Director Patrick Roche comments, Our new fleet of low emission Euro 6-compliant trucks give us ease of access in restricted locations in small towns and villages and on rural roads. They are probably the most efficient fleet of waste collection tucks in the business. Scott Hawthorne, managing director of Max Recycle, adds As part of our planned expansion in the North West, we are currently recruiting in South Lakeland and the Lancashire Coast. We are currently recruiting truck drivers and waste operatives for our new fleet of vehicles. We are also recruiting business waste advisor sales staff to cover the Southern Lakeland, Cumbria and the Lancashire coast areas. References ^ Max Recycle (


Haulage firm launches probe after Carlisle mum left terrified by HGV driver

Katie Hullock, of Lowry Hill, Carlisle, says she was followed by the Dent Logistics Ltd driver who allegedly got uncomfortably close to her bumper when she was driving to Brampton on the A689. He was caught on camera as her sister Vicky O Neill, who was in the back seat, got out her phone to film him as a deterrent and posted it online. In a near four-minute clip of the journey, on August 15, which has been viewed more than 3,500 times online, the lorry is seen coming within what looks like a metre of Miss Hullock s Vauxhall Corsa, blasting his horn. Play video This was at the point where she says she had gradually slowed down to highlight how close he was and give him the message to back off. I didn t realise how bad it was because I was in such shock and I was panicking, Miss Hullock said. What I should have done is got off the road but I wasn t thinking like that. I was so absorbed with watching him so close to me and I had nowhere to go. I couldn t go any faster and I couldn t overtake because the road was quite busy. The next morning when my sister sent me the video, I cried. My heart was pounding because he was within a metre of my baby and we were travelling at about 50mph. That s what scared me, she said. My sister was pointing at her. She was trying to say back off, we re not comfortable. But even if I didn t have Georgia I would have still felt very intimidated so I don t know what it would be like for somebody s who s not confident in driving. It would be pretty bad. She claims she noticed his close-driving at Houghton Hall, near Carlisle, where there is a 40mph speed restriction, but thought he possibly hadn t realised the limit had changed. When he continued to follow her so closely as she turned off the roundabout at Linstock towards Brampton and joined a slower convoy of traffic she believed this was not unintentional. He was so close. I was definitely terrified, claimed Miss Hullock, 28, who travelled that road for four years when she worked in Brampton and has a truck driver licence of her own. I m not intimidated by big trucks at all, but I was scared. One of the things the video doesn t show, Miss Hullock says, is that the driver stopped near the airport, with traffic behind, to let cars turn off towards Irthington. She added: Then he came so fast up towards me. It was like he was doing it on purpose. To get that speed so he could come up really close again. I was just trying to stay safe but it was horrible. She has reported the incident to Cumbria police and contacted the haulage firm to make a complaint, sending them the video. A spokesman for the company said: Dent Logistics Ltd takes reports of this nature very seriously and we are conducting an internal investigation into the alleged incident. [embedded content]


UK heatwave claims four lives as soldier and three swimmers die before bad weather returns

Four people have died as a scorching heatwave [1] wreaked havoc across the nation before the see-saw summer plunged back into a sopping washout. Three people were killed trying to cool off in open water as temperatures soared above 30C in many areas. A fourth victim, soldier Josh Hoole [2] , 26, collapsed and died while on a training exercise in the Brecon area of Wales. And three people were stabbed, including one police officer, as youths fought running battles with police as a water fight turned violent in Hyde Park, central London. Fresh warnings went out about swimming in open water after teenager Jack Pullen [3] , 16, died in the River Etherow in Broadbottom, Greater Manchester. MEN Jack Pullen was swimming with friends in the River Etherow Jack, who had just finished his GCSEs, got into difficulties after jumping in at a secluded spot with pals on Tuesday. It is feared he became trapped between a bridge and log after being swept away by strong currents. His dad Gary, who visited the scene today, said: He just wanted to be a teenager and be out with his mates. Read More One man who lives close to the river said: One of my neighbours was first on the scene. They found a distraught 16-year-old wondering where his mate had gone. Detective Inspector Andy Sandiford said: The dangers are clear of playing in water when you don t know the depth, don t know what lies in the surface of the water and you can t see the bottom. It came after a 46-year-old man died in the River Trent in Burton, Staffs on Monday. Chief Insp Steve Maskrey of Staffordshire Police said This incident proves just how dangerous open water can be. Stay away from open water including canals, rivers and lakes. Use a supervised swimming pool instead. SWNS A 46-year-old man died in the River Trent in Burton, Staffs The body of a 19-year-old man was recovered from Lammas Lake in Wraysbury, Surrey on Tuesday evening. It is believed he took a cooling dip in the lake as temperatures remained above 30 degrees. At least two teenagers were taken to hospital with stab wounds after a mass water fight turned violent in Hyde Park. [4] Up to 4,000 people joined the gathering at its peak but police said a significant minority became hostile towards officers as the evening wore on. Hamilton/Vantage News A water fight in Hyde park turned to violence Teenagers chanting Black Lives Matter attacked police with bottles, leaving one officer with stab wounds. The park was described as a war zone as around 400 youths clashed with officers. Read More Police denied the violence was linked to the Black Lives Matter campaign formed in the wake of police shootings in America. Commander Julian Harrington said the thugs were just a group of people committing violent acts of disorder against officers . He added: I ve been involved in overseeing a Black Lives Matter protest in London, which was wholly peaceful. Last night was not about Black Lives Matters. SWNS Motorists struggle through heavy rainfall in Blackpool, Lancs Elsewhere two 16-year-old boys were knifed as disorder broke out among up to 600 youngsters having an end-of-term water fight in Burgess Park, south London. Police were pelted with missiles as they moved hundreds of revellers from an illegal block party in Stamford Hill, North London. And a 15-year-old girl suffered suspected knife wounds to the head after hundreds gathered for a street party in Harlesden, North West London. Josh Hoole died in while on a training exercise Getty Josh Hoole was in the Brecon Beacons with the army Adam Gerrard/Mirror Sun-seekers on Brighton beach Forecasters say the higher-than-average temperatures are here stay for the rest of the week. However, parts of the country will continue to suffer the thunderstorms that brought a deluge to parts of Scotland and the north of England today. Intense storms, including hail and strong winds, caused flash flooding across large areas. A woman and a child were injured as a chimney collapsed and a shed was set alight by lightning strikes at Rhostrehwfa, Anglesey. Video loading [5] Watch this video again Watch Next Click to play Tap to play The Live Event you are trying to watch is either unavailable or has not started Please refresh this page in your browser to reload this live event video But as the heat continued elsewhere, a mum who left three kids in a hot car got a warning from police. The kids of seven, three and one were seen at Waterfields Retail Park in Watford, Herts on Monday. Police said: Strong words of advice were given to the woman. And the owners of a greyhound seen in a car in Southport, Merseyside on Tuesday will be questioned on suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. A man in Manchester was ticked off after he called 999 for a friend needing treatment for heat exhausting when the friend turned out to be a dog. Greater Manchester ambulance chief Steve Hynes said: It s a blatant misuse of 999. SWNS Young men tombstone off a 65ft wall at ‘Dead Man’s Cove’ in Plymouth Met Office Each coloured cross on the image is a lightning strike North News & Pictures Shoppers caught in heavy rain while walking in Newcastle city centre North News & Pictures Spectacular lightning strikes fills the skies of Harrington on the Cumbrian coast A man was sent home from work in Preston, Lancs, for wearing shorts on the hottest day of the year on Tuesday as temperatures hit a high of 33.5C. Trucker Graeme Woods, 40, said: It s health and safety gone mad. But the nation s Pokemon Go players seemed oblivious to the weather as they were snapped seemingly concentrating solely on the game. Thursday will be a lot fresher , the Met Office said, with maximum temperatures in the mid 20s still above average for the time of year. Friday and Saturday will bring more thundery showers, with the south and east worst hit, before it starts to cool off on Sunday back to the average of high teens or low 20s. References ^ heatwave ( ^ Josh Hoole ( ^ Jack Pullen ( ^ turned violent in Hyde Park. ( ^ Watch fantastic lightning bolt illuminate the Aberdeen sky (