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HNA looks to tap into Portuguese airline 0

HNA looks to tap into Portuguese airline

Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, which owns ground handler Swissport [1] , is preparing to take a stake of up to 20% in Portuguese national airline TAP [2] , according to French news agency AFP. It is reported that HNA will buy an initial 7% stake in Atlantic Gateway, the private consortium that owns 61% of TAP, citing a private shareholder in the southern European carrier, Humerto Pedrosa, adding that its direct and indirect stake could reach 20%. HNA is on the acquisition trail, having already bought Gategroup [3] Holding, the world s second-largest airline catering company, for $1.5bn in April. The Chinese aviation and tourism group also took a strategic 23.7% stake worth $450m in Azul Brazilian Airlines [4] in November last year. In the same month as the Azul deal, Brussels regulators approved HNA s SFr2.73bn acquisition of airport ground handler Swissport. References ^ Opens external link in new window ( ^ Opens external link in new window ( ^ Opens external link in new window ( ^ Opens external link in new window (


Hungarian Trucker Who Swerved Lorry At Migrants In Calais Faces Suspended Jail Sentence

Prosecutors in Hungary are calling for a suspended jail sentence being imposed upon a Hungarian truck driver who infamously filmed himself pulling his lorry on migrants walking on the kerbside near Calais, France, in the autumn of last year. rp d Levente Jeddi, who has previously been prosecuted for a drug-related offence, is facing a suspended prison sentence for vehicular endangerment and being prohibited from driving a vehicle for a specified time period. Infamous: Hungarian lorry driver rp d Levente Jeddi provoked a global backlash last year by deliberately endangering migrants (photo: In a dashcam video that sparked widespread outrage [1] in Hungary and further afield in November 2015 and has since been viewed over four million times on YouTube, the Hungarian trucker is seen deliberately steering his vehicle dangerously close to migrants walking on the side of the road while swearing and threatening to stab them for trying to climb onto his lorry. [embedded content] Jeddi was sacked following the incident but was reportedly back to work with another tracking firm by January 2016. Commenting on the indictment on his Facebook page, Mr. Jeddi said that prosecutors failed to take into consideration that he didn t have a chance to respect traffic rules while becoming a victim of an open attack, public vandalism . His actions did not result in injury or damage, he added. via photo: References ^ widespread outrage (


Trevor Milton wants to revolutionize trucking, and he doesn’t care if you don’t believe him

Trevor Milton has been in the trucking industry for the better part of six years, but his big break came like a meteorite through a skylight earlier this year when he announced plans to build an electric Class 8 truck. Milton founded Nikola Motor Company (NMC) two years ago, named in homage to engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. With the looming December launch of its electric drivetrain truck NMC is poised to become the Tesla of trucking. It s fitting that Milton, who has fewer than 200 Twitter followers, only follows one account Tesla Motor Company boss Elon Musk. Prior to establishing Nikola, Milton was CEO of dHybrid Systems, a company that made natural gas storage technology for trucking that was acquired in October 2014 by Worthington Industries.