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Cops have Land Rover stripped bare by thieves

Police chiefs who warned Land Rover owners about a spate of thefts were left red-faced – when their own 4×4 was stripped bare by crooks. To make matters worse for Leicestershire Police [1] , the brazen crime happened outside one of their own stations. The 50,000 Land Rover Defender – painted in police markings – was stripped of its bonnet and all four doors by the thieves. Criminals have been targeting the iconic 4x4s for parts to sell online since they went out of production in January. Officers had recently warned locals in Market Bosworth about the spate of UK-wide thefts. Read More Google Red-faced cops had parked the Land Rover outside Market Bosworth police station So residents were stunned to spot the force s Defender minus its doors and bonnet outside the town s police station last week. Red-faced bosses ordered the 65-plate vehicle – on loan from a local dealership – to be taken away onto a tow-truck. Emma Burton, who lives in nearby Newbold Verdon, Leics, was driving to work when she spotted the Defender. She said: I saw the back first and there was a police officer stood with it and I thought the back door was open. But then when I got closer I realised it was missing completely along with all the other doors and bonnet. The officer seemed a bit embarrassed. It was literally parked up on the road outside the police station. Read More It is quite a problem around here. There was one stolen from a nearby village and found a few days later in a yard. Someone else had their old Defender stripped completely. People sell them for parts because there is a big demand. Some people think the police don t take it seriously when they report their Land Rover has been stripped. Hopefully they will now it has happened to their own 4×4, added Emma, 23. The Defender was loaned to Leicestershire Police by Sturgess Land Rover last summer to help tackle rural crime. Local beat officer PC Rob Cross said at the time he hoped the vehicle would show residents that police take it seriously . References ^ Leicestershire Police (

Aylestone Transport’s New FH-540 show truck majors on safety and payload capability 0

Aylestone Transport’s New FH-540 show truck majors on safety and payload capability

FORS Bronze-accredited Aylestone Transport s latest tractor unit, a stunning Globetrotter-cabbed Volvo FH-540, is equipped with the full suite of safety equipment and driver aids available from the manufacturer. Safety in operation was the prime consideration when specifying the company s new Volvo tractor unit, explains Aylestone Transport s proprietor and director Bodge Ward, before adding. Although we have the highest possible level of additional Volvo safety equipment on the truck and an HMF 1300 crane and Kinshofer hydraulic grab, mounted on the trailer, we are still providing our customer with a 27,000 kg payload. In addition to the legislated requirement for Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), the FH-540 is also fitted with Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping System, Lane Changing System and Cornering Lights. A Brigade four-camera system with cycle sensors and audible warning is also fitted. The Dennison trailer, to which the Volvo is coupled, is also fitted with a Cycle Minder sensor system. Leicestershire-based Aylestone Transport s latest FH tractor unit is the first the company has taken with the I-Shift Dual Clutch and the second in the fleet to be specified with Volvo Dynamic Steering which Bodge describes as brilliant . The company also opted for the kick-down feature on the I-Shift Dual Clutch. Aylestone Transport operates five Volvo trucks delivering pre-formed concrete products, including kerbs, pavers and sustainable drainage systems, out of Aggregate Industries production site at Bardon, Leicestershire. Achieving the 27,000 kg payload is aided by the fitment of Alcoa Durabrite forged aluminium wheels and specifying no lead on ramps for the Fontaine SP2 fixed fifth wheel. However, there has been no skimping on the spec as the ten extra lights on Kelsa bars, twin air horns, beacons and additional working lights at the rear testify. The cab is equipped with heated and air-conditioned, leather upholstered seats, together with fridge freezer, microwave and television. The chassis mounted side skirts and chequer plate catwalk infill were fitted by SB Components of Wisbech. Supplied by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia at Bardon, the convenience of the dealer location played an important part in Aylestone Transport s decision to purchase the latest addition to the 100% Volvo fleet, says Bodge . The truck is on an R&M contract and will be maintained at the Bardon dealership overnight. We have tried both Swedish truck makes, says Bodge , and we prefer the Volvo. The trucks are specified exactly as you want them and the dealer service is marvellous all our trucks are on R&M contracts with them. When it comes to Volvo, all we have to do is put fuel and AdBlue in them and drive away. Our next truck will be a Volvo too, he concludes.

K2 scales new heights with Mercedes-Benz trucks from Rossetts … 0

K2 scales new heights with Mercedes-Benz trucks from Rossetts …

East Sussex-based K2 Transport [1] has updated and extended its truck fleet with more peak performers from Mercedes-Benz, after joining the Pall-Ex network. Dealer Rossetts Commercials has supplied the fast-growing operator with six Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545 BigSpace tractor units, and a pair of 18-tonne Antos 1824s with curtainside bodies by Lawrence David, of Peterborough. All are the subject of contract hire agreements with Rent-a-Merc, like Rossetts a member of the Northern Ireland-based Inspired Business Investments Group, and are now being inspected and serviced at the Dealer s Eastbourne workshop. K2 Transport operates from headquarters in Uckfield, close to Gatwick Airport. The company is still a relative newcomer, having been founded as recently as 2013 by Nick Pearce, a former pilot in Australia. He was joined shortly afterwards by Kim Brand, a seasoned transport industry professional who spent 25 years working in Botswana. The two began trading with a single truck, which they took turns to drive, then acquired a second. The following year they took on their third truck and employed their first driver, since when the business has really taken off. K2 Transport offers a range of customer-focused haulage and light storage services. As well as undertaking a wide range of general assignments, its trucks carry timber from ports to customers of a leading merchant located throughout London and the South-East. K2 is also now sending vehicles each night to the Pall-Ex hub in Leicestershire. The operator was running Mercedes-Benz trucks supplied by an independent rental specialist prior to the arrivals of its new Actros and Antos, so already had an after sales relationship with Rossetts Commercials. We get on very well with the Dealer s Eastbourne team, who provide an excellent level of support, confirmed Kim Brand. Our trucks go into the workshop on Friday nights for inspections and maintenance, and we pick them up again the following morning. You ll always get issues from time to time but they understand how important it is to minimise downtime and can always be relied upon to keep us rolling. He continued: The contract hire deal put together by Rossetts was attractively priced, while Mercedes-Benz trucks suit our business admirably. Not only are they fuel-efficient, reliable and popular with the drivers those with the Actros tractors particularly like their spacious, flat-floored cabs but they also help us to convey the upmarket image of quality we have sought to project from the outset. With their colour-coded bumpers and mirrors our new trucks look great. Explaining the decision to name the company after K2, the world s second-highest mountain, Nick Pearce added: It is short and catchy, and highlights our determination to keep striving for the next goal. Our Pall-Ex appointment is a good example of this. We are keen to offer a greater range of services to our customers and this membership will act as a catalyst for business growth, allowing us to diversify into new markets and increase our client base. It represents a very important stage in the company s development. References ^ K2 Transport (