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CSL Transport goes for Renault Trucks again

CSL Transport has taken delivery of seven 44-tonne Range T520 6×2 tractors following what it describes as impressive fuel consumption figures and good driver feedback. The Surrey-based firms new trucks comprise five mid-lifts and two tags, one specified with a 9-tonne front axle. They join CSL s 23-strong fleet, which has operated Renault Magnums and Range T460s for several years. The outstanding service we have received from Renault Trucks South and BRS over the years has been a crucial factor in our vehicle selection on this occasion, explains CSL Transport fleet manager Dan Broda. Optimum fuel economy was also an important factor and we are getting around 9.1mpg, with one vehicle reaching 10mpg. This compares to 7.4-7.8mpg with previous trucks, so we are delighted with these improved figures, he continues. Driver retention is another key focus for CSL, he says: With a national driver shortage, we need to be able to attract and retain some of the best in the industry. We know that our drivers like the Renault trucks, especially with all the added features, and adding more Range Ts with the right spec is one sure-fire way to keep our best employees motivated and on board. In fact, CSL s new Range T520 tractors were specified with luxury leather seats, double bunks, light-bars and spotlights. They will now be transporting containers, cabins, timber and plant across the UK and Europe, as well as moving barriers for high-profile London events. All the new trucks were supplied by dealer Renault Trucks South on a four-year, with full repair and maintenance through BRS. Author Brian Tinham [1] Related Companies BRS Ltd Renault Trucks UK Ltd [2] [3] This material is protected by MA Business copyright See Terms and Conditions. [4] One-off usage is permitted but bulk copying is not. For multiple copies contact the sales team [5] . References ^ Brian Tinham ( ^ BRS Ltd ( ^ Renault Trucks UK Ltd ( ^ See Terms and Conditions. ( ^ contact the sales team (


Surrey Creep Catchers Hooks An RCMP Officer Allegedly Looking For Sex With A Minor

The vigilante group Creep Catchers, which has recently featured numerous South Asians looking for sex with minors including a bald-headed Muslim man wanting sex with a young boy and a Punjabi trucker looking to have sex with a minor girl, caught a big fish this week by snaring an RCMP officer who allegedly wanted to have sex with a minor. SURREY Surrey Creep Catchers, which has recently featured numerous South Asians looking for sex with minors including a bald-headed Muslim man wanting sex with a young boy and a Punjabi trucker looking to have sex with a minor girl, caught a big fish this week by snaring an RCMP officer who allegedly wanted to have sex with a minor. The source has confirmed to CTV news that the man in the video posted online is a Surrey RCMP officer. The Creep Catchers, whose stated goal is to expose sexual predators on social media, has shared few details about the set-up. The group s allegations against the Mountie have not been proven in court, nor have any charges been laid. Ryan Laforge, the founder of the controversial group s Surrey chapter, shared a video suggesting a dozen people helped with the sting. We ve got a 12-man squad on this mission. It s heavy, Laforge tells viewers in the footage. Make sure you guys are all ready, make sure you guys are all watching, make sure you guys are all sharing. On the stream, which was viewed 29,000 times on Facebook, Creep Catchers members can be seen walking through a parking lot and approaching a bald, white man in a hoodie outside a Boston Pizza. How are you? Creep Catchers, Laforge says. The target immediately runs away, with members of the vigilante group giving chase. The man manages to escape, and Creep Catchers members spend the next few minutes searching for him in the area.

Police look into allegation Surrey ‘creep catchers’ targeted an RCMP officer 0

Police look into allegation Surrey ‘creep catchers’ targeted an RCMP officer

Surrey RCMP say they are investigating an incident involving a local creep catchers group that was broadcast live on social media and allegedly targeted a police officer. On Wednesday at about 10 p.m., police were called to an area near Central City in response to an incident that was playing out on social media. According to videos and information posted on Facebook, [1] a group of about 12 people who are members of the pedophile-hunting group Creep Catchers Surrey [2] had gathered to confront a man they say believed he was going to meet a 14-year-old girl. It was, according to Facebook, the group s first time livestreaming [3] a meet-up with a target. In one video, which has been viewed more than 30,000 times, Creep Catchers Surrey chapter president Ryan LaForge walked up to the man and said, Officer , how are you? Creep Catchers The man, whose name has been removed above and below because he has not been charged with any crime, uttered an expletive and ran away, with Creep Catchers in hot pursuit. Officer , where you going? LaForge yelled. That guy s a pig! They were unable to locate the man at the time police arrived on scene. Surrey RCMP said in a statement that the investigation is active and ongoing and that they are looking into the actions of all parties involved in the incident. We are also mindful of allegations that the matter involves a police officer, an emailed statement said. While a number of people have been identified, this remains a fluid investigation. No one is in custody and currently no charges have been laid. Surrey RCMP said investigators are gathering all available evidence and determining next steps. Given the active and ongoing nature of the investigation, it would not be appropriate at this time to discuss the specific allegations. However, we can confirm we are taking this seriously, police said. A picture of the man Creep Catchers confronted is circulating on Facebook, and there has been speculation about his identity. Police would not say if the man in the photo was a police officer or whether the named person was being investigated. LaForge did not respond to requests for comment about the incident. The Surrey chapter of Creep Catchers was established at the beginning of July, according to media reports [4] . Since then, the group has confronted a University of B.C. employee and Coast Mountain bus driver. In August, a Surrey Creep Catchers suspect was spooked by a vigilante s camera and drove his car into a parked truck, [5] narrowly missing the catcher. The most recent incident comes about a week after RCMP said they do not condone the activities of Surrey Creep Catchers, and that police are not aware of any successful charges resulting from the group s efforts. Simon Fraser University criminologist Rob Gordon said vigilantism [6] is problematic for several reasons. It can disrupt and disturb prosecutions and investigations, he said. It essentially tips off suspects that there are eyes on them, so they either stop or shift to somewhere else. There are also issues with false accusations and defamation. The lynch mob mentality has a sordid history, said Gordon. They re not too concerned about proof beyond a reasonable doubt. After beginning in Calgary, Creep Catchers Canada has grown from a few chapters at the start of 2016 to more than 15. Groups in Penticton and Kelowna have generated headlines and police warnings against vigilantism. Creep Catchers chapters appear to work from the same playbook: Vigilantes set up a fake profile on an online dating site and wait for a message. Once they start chatting with someone, they tell them they are a minor. If the person wants to meet, they arrange a place and time, and then film the subsequent encounter. In dozens of online videos, vigilantes question and call out their suspects on camera. The group s tactics are similar to those used by the NBC reality show To Catch a Predator, which began airing in 2004 and featured 12 hidden camera investigations by journalist Chris Hansen. A few years into the show in Texas, a suspected sex criminal and assistant district attorney shot himself after being confronted by a local SWAT team while Hansen s crew waited outside. NBC eventually settled a wrongful death suit brought by the man s family. Creep Catchers isn t the only online vigilante group active in B.C. At the end of August, a Kamloops-based group called Creep Hunters [7] accused a Kamloops sheriff of trying to engage in a relationship with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl, posting texts and photos online. The Ministry of Justice said the sheriff had been put on leave while the incident is investigated. In 2012, three Fraser Valley men, including a teacher, were charged with child luring after they were identified by Chilliwack youths who posed as superheroes . Gordon said vigilantism is a concern for law enforcement worldwide, with the Internet providing a new and easy way to broadcast their accusations. Vigilantes are usually dissatisfied with the criminal justice system and law enforcement. The line between legitimate shaming and character assassination is, in my experience, a very thin one, he said. We need to look at the evidence and the facts, which is why we have a criminal justice system. [8] [9] References ^ to videos and information posted on Facebook, ( ^ pedophile-hunting group Creep Catchers Surrey ( ^ the group s first time livestreaming ( ^ according to media reports ( ^ drove his car into a parked truck, ( ^ vigilantism ( ^ Creep Hunters ( ^ ( ^ (