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War of words escalates as big mouths prepare for White Hut World Cheeseburg Eating Championship at Big E 0

War of words escalates as big mouths prepare for White Hut World Cheeseburg Eating Championship at Big E

WEST SPRINGFIELD Billy “Demolition” Norris [1] is a big dude who’s been using his big mouth to call out a challenger in Saturday’s first-ever White Hut World Cheeseburg Eating Championship [2] at The Big E, which begins its 17-day run today. “I’m coming for you,” Norris, a truck driver and heavy-equipment operator, says in a menacing video message to Colin LeDuc, a seemingly mild-mannered “insurance account executive” from Longmeadow. Norris, who was raised in Holyoke and Chicopee, has been recording the messages during stops along his trucking route up and down the East Coast, then uploading the videos to Facebook. But it turns out LeDuc, whose alias is “Swollen Colon LePuke,” is no shrinking violet. “Billy ‘Demolition’ Norris is going down like a house of carbs! I’ll have room for maple sugar candy from the Vermont building when I’m done embarrassing you!” LeDuc says in an online riposte to Norris, who’s been mocking him for the past few weeks. Although professional competitive eaters are the main attraction at The Big E chowdown sponsored by White Hut, Balise Auto Group, Williams Distributing, Bolduc’s Apparel, and Sampson’s funeral parlor, and run by Major League Eating [3] the amateur card featuring Norris, LeDuc and several other Massachusetts natives is shaping up to be a big draw on its own. In an effort to hype the White Hut cheeseburg event, Norris and LeDuc have been using social media to lob insults at each other. And they’ve managed to attract a following along the way, thanks to their showmanship and spirited exchanges some of which have been downright comical. Billy “Demolition” Norris, left, likes to eat bacon and eggs every day, washing down his high-calorie meal with “a nice cup of tea” and a big, fat cigar. The truck driver and heavy-equipment operator, who grew up in Holyoke and Chicopee, has engaged in an online war of words with Colin LeDuc, a mild-mannered insurance account executive from Longmeadow. The reason for the online enmity? Both men are seeking victory in Saturday’s first-ever White Hut World Cheeseburg Eating Championship at The Big E. Norris and LeDuc, whose new alias is “Swollen Colon LePuke,” are amateurs in the world of competitive eating, but each hopes to make a name for himself at the event. The contest is sponsored by Balise and run by Major League Eating, the same outfit behind the famous hot dog contest in Brooklyn’s Coney Island neighborhood. (Facebook) Sure, LeDuc [4] was raised in one of Western Massachusetts’ swankiest towns. But that doesn’t preclude him from eating with peasants every once in a while even a 382-pound truck driver whose daily diet includes bacon, eggs and cigars. For the record, Norris says proudly, it’s six eggs (scrambled), three pieces of bacon, and a “nice cup of tea,” followed by a Tony Soprano-sized stogie to aid with digestion. LeDuc, 45, isn’t the least bit intimidated by Norris, 50, despite the whiff of classism (reverse classism?) in the trucker’s taunts on Facebook, where he continues to deride LeDuc and question weather the white-collar hero can handle the White Hut challenge. Instead of getting defensive, though, LeDuc has embraced the rich-kid role that Norris has ascribed to him, even hamming it up for comedic effect. “My yachting coach taught me how to eat fast,” he deadpans, fully embracing his inner “LePuke” his pampered, aristocratic alter ego, who’s clearly more at home at a country club than a country fair. “I grew up on the mean streets of Longmeadow, where I had to learn how to eat with speed because I never knew where my next meal was coming from,” says LePuke, who now calls West Springfield home. Henceforth, we shall refer to LeDuc and Norris by their preferred pseudonyms. Like Daniel Day-Lewis, who’s known for staying in character even when he’s off set, Demolition and LePuke haven’t broken character since signing on for the cheeseburg challenge. The daily insults on social media haven’t exactly reached the ferocity of the Ali-Frazier feud, and they probably never will. (Nobody’s called the other a “gorilla” yet.) But this is their “Thrilla in Manila,” after all, and Demolition and LePuke are gonna enjoy all 900 seconds of their 15 minutes of fame. Speaking of minutes, the rules for the amateur White Hut event are simple: The man who stuffs the most cheeseburgs down his gullet in 5 minutes wins. The prize for this feat is almost as straightforward: bragging rights and the glory of being the Greatest Glutton in Massachusetts. “The contest is only 5 minutes,” says LePuke. “I don’t think Demolition has ever closed his mouth for that long. This might be a personal best for him.” Undaunted by his punier challenger’s gibes, Demolition continues to crank out Facebook videos belittling LePuke. Here’s a recent sample of “attempted intimidation” by Demolition, whose flat affect and serial-killer delivery is more comical than menacing: Colin, it’s me again. Remember me? The “loudmouth”? (LePuke had previously called Demolition a loudmouth on Facebook.) Guess what? (Demolition’s eyes widen for a moment.) It’s 5 o’clock in the morning in Boston … and I’m lookin’ for you. (His voice suddenly sounds De Niro-esque.) I’m training right now. I just ate a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts plain and now I’ma have a couple of Egg McMuffins. Then I’ma follow that by a cigar and a cup of tea (long pause). Then I’m going to the Cape, and I’m gonna get some chowda. And after I eat my chowda, I’m probably going to stop at the Lunch Box (Box Lunch?) and get a turkey roll wrap. And guess what? (He pauses again.) I’m lookin’ for you today, Colin. (Demolition’s feigned disdain is palpable.) You know who you are. So where are ya? Why ya hidin’? Why ain’tcha come out lookin’ for me? Meanwhile, the professionals competing in Saturday’s cheeseburg contest are among the best-known competitive eaters in the world. They’re also vying for a total prize purse worth $4,000. Here’s the breakdown: $2,000 for 1st place $1,000 for 2nd place $600 for 3rd place $300 for 4th place $100 for 5th place Major League Eating (the folks behind the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Brooklyn’s Coney Island neighborhood) has rustled up a slate of renowned eaters, including California’s Matt “Megatoad” Stonie [5] , the No. 2-ranked competitive eater in the world. Megatoad caused a major upset last year after downing a mind-blowing 62 hot dogs and stealing the throne from Joey Chestnut, the eight-time champ of the Nathan’s contest. Megatoad is also known for knocking back over two dozen Big Macs in one sitting, so the Californian oughta have a field day with White Hut’s classic cheeseburger. Rounding out the field of pros are Eric “Badlands” Booker [6] of Long Island; Carmen Cincotti of New Jersey; Brian Dudzinsky of Arizona; William Myers of Pennsylvania; Jon Taylor and Steven Wojcik, both of Connecticut; and ” Crazy Legs [7] ” Conti, James Burgess and Geoffrey Esper, all of Massachusetts. Conti grew up in Belmont and now lives in New York City, while Burgess and Esper are from Athol and Oxford, respectively. But back to the amateurs for a moment … Demolition and LePuke aren’t the only wannabe competitive eaters in this game. They’ll be joined by Springfield’s own Chris “Grizzly Bear” Silva, Carver’s Derek “Beast From The East” Brady, and MassLive’s dining daredevil, Nick “The Torso” O’Malley, author of the website’s popular ” I ate it [8] ” column. O’Malley [9] is already an eating legend in these parts, routinely tackling spicy foods, yucky foods, and downright scary foods like Burger King’s special black-bunned Halloween Whopper, which has become O’Malley’s ” arch nemesis [10] .” He took the burger for a taste ride last October, and it moved him in mysterious ways. In the name of decency, we’ll say no more about O’Malley’s movements. While Johnny Cash once “shot a man in Reno just to watch him die,” O’Malley once “ate six salads at Ruby Tuesday just because he was bored.” O’Malley’s line doesn’t quite rise to the level of danger as Cash’s line, but everyone knows that crunchy croutons can killya . I dare you to say that line five times fast. The Torso even took a sabbatical from his column to train for the White Hut challenge. And rumor has it O’Malley’s secret weapon is his jaw, which is allegedly more flexible than Nadia Comaneci. The young Nadia (circa ’76), not the middle-aged Nadia. For LePuke, training for the big event has included watching competitive-eating tutorials on YouTube. “I’m taking the more cerebral approach to this,” he says, surmising that Demolition’s training regimen is probably about as unrefined as crude oil. For the pros, the White Hut World Cheeseburg Eating Championship comes with trophies and cash prizes. For the amateurs, the prize is bragging rights and a chance to chew with the big boys. (Major League Eating) “I don’t know how long Demolition has been training, so he might have a leg up,” says LePuke. “Or a belly up.” LePuke isn’t worried, though. He’s managed to stomach Demolition’s braggadocio over the past couple of weeks, so waiting another 24 hours to serve him some humble pie ain’t no thang. Besides, LePuke is pals with “Beast From The East” Brady a Boston bar owner who looks like he belongs on the Patriots’ roster, not at a cheeseburger contest in Western Mass. LePuke is feeling good about his chances with Brady, whom he once bested in an impromptu hot dog-eating contest in Las Vegas. “It was an unsanctioned event,” says LePuke, describing Brady as a 6-foot-5 monster who’s “built like an NFL linebacker.” The decidedly smaller insurance exec still managed to beat the Beast in Vegas, cramming 16 dogs down his throat. A proud moment in Longmeadow history, indeed. But is it a tombstone-worthy epitaph? Hmm … Demolition says all of the pre-contest zinging is purely in jest, though he still hopes to win on Saturday. “I think I can win with 13 cheeseburgs in 5 minutes,” he says confidently. His only real concern is the temperature of the burgers. If the cheese and onions are too hot, Demolition may have to alter his attack. “That’s a huge deal,” he says. Demolition has been getting advice and attaboys from friends and strangers alike, and he’s expecting a posse of supporters at the cheeseburg challenge. “I don’t care if I win or lose,” he says, sounding almost pensive after weeks of lobbing insults at LeDuc. “I just want to have a good show.” The White Hut challenge for amateurs kicks off at 12 p.m. Saturday, while the pros will take the stage at 12:30 p.m. All of the action will happen on the XFINITY Court Of Honor Stage at The Big E, 1305 Memorial Ave., West Springfield. Be there or be square. References ^ Billy “Demolition” Norris ( ^ White Hut World Cheeseburg Eating Championship ( ^ Major League Eating ( ^ LeDuc ( ^ Matt “Megatoad” Stonie ( ^ Eric “Badlands” Booker ( ^ Crazy Legs ( ^ I ate it ( ^ O’Malley ( ^ arch nemesis (


A Model operation – Irish Trucker Magazine

A Model operation 14 September 2016 Mobile crushing, heavy haulage and low loader hire, muck shifting and site clearance are just some of the other services provided. Established in 1994, Aidan Egan Sand & Gravel specialises in quarrying, mobile crushing, heavy haulage and low loader hire, muck shifting and site clearance. The Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford-based concern is run by husband-and-wife Aidan and Patricia Egan. When it comes to the supply of top quality sand, gravel and stone, Aidan Egan Sand & Gravel has few equals in the South-East. But there is much more to this busy family-run business than its name suggests. Mobile crushing, heavy haulage and low loader hire, muck shifting and site clearance are just some of the other services provided. The company has come a long way since Gorey man Aidan packed in his job as a driver and started out on his own at the age of 24 with a second-hand Hino ZM tipper. He now operates a fleet of four trucks as well as a range of trailers, quarrying and crushing equipment and track machines. We re currently running Volvo, Hino and Iveco trucks. We have Volvo and Hino tippers, the Iveco is a double-drive, while the other Volvo is a beavertail. The tipper trucks have white cabs with blue bodies. We recently bought a new Faymonville low loader from Joe Mooney in the Ashbourne Truck Centre and are looking forward to taking delivery of it and putting it into use, Aidan explains. Aidan always makes sure his vehicles are in pristine condition so that they give a good impression of his company. He employs two full-time staff and others on a part-time basis. Customers are on first-name terms with Stephen O Reilly, who doubles up as a driver and a machine operator, and John Breen, who is a mechanic and driver. Aidan s professional, efficient, reliable and friendly staff have undoubtedly played their part in the company s growth and success over the years. Other equipment / plant operated by Aidan Egan Sand & Gravel include Pegasus mobile track crushers, Powerscreen track screeners, two 50 tonne track machines (one New Holland and one Hitachi) with six tonner rock breakers and a Volvo L150 loading shovel. Maintenance is carried out in-house by the aforementioned John Breen, while the trucks are sent to Somers Commercials in nearby Camolin for their annual CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing) test. Aidan usually buys his parts from Gethings in Enniscorthy or Penders in Bunclody. The workshop, office and yard are located in the townland of Finchogue, which is only a stone s throw from the sandstone quarry Aidan rents in Drumgoold. From here, he extracts and supplies a wide variety of crushed stone, gravel and aggregate types to hundreds of farmers and small builders throughout Co. Wexford for drainage, filling, road-making and construction purposes. Crushed stone grades are categorised by the size of the stone after it has been crushed. The size of the stone determines what application it will be best used for. Aidan Egan Sand & Gravel has the capacity to produce several grades of crushed stone, including 4 down, 3 down, 2 down (Clause 804) and 2 clean. We like to think that we supply the best stone in Wexford. We have a growing customer-base and won t be beaten on quality, service or price, the affable company director says. Aidan s mobile crushing service has proven to be a great success, with Conway s Concrete in Kildavin, Bunclody and Kilmurray Precast Concrete Ltd in Mullingar among his best customers in this regard. I saw an opening for this service during the recession when things had gone quiet in our own quarry. Instead of selling our crushers and screeners, I decided to hire them out to other quarries. We offer specialist crushing and screening services to a number of well-known companies throughout the Leinster region, he continues. Aidan is also delighted to be able to offer heavy haulage and low loader hire, muck shifting and site clearance services to his clients. He has the equipment to move anything from heavy plant to timber products. While most of the heavy haulage and low loader work we do is for ourselves, we also get a lot of requests from local businesses to carry out similar work for them. No job is too big or too small. Whatever they want moved we ll move it for them. Great care and attention goes into every job we undertake. He concludes by saying: Patricia and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support and loyalty over the past 20 years. We look forward to attending to their needs for many more years to come. Aidan Egan Sand & Gravel Finchogue, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. Telephone: 053 9238203 Mobile: 087 2466650 Email: [email protected] Taken from I rish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 N o 10, December 2015/January 2016 [1] References ^ rish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 No 10, December 2015/January 2016 (

Iveco at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover: official premiere of New Stralis TCO2 Champion 0

Iveco at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover: official premiere of New Stralis TCO2 Champion

Iveco is to participate at the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles show , the most important international event in the commercial vehicle industry, which will be held in Hanover from September 22 to 29, 2016. The brand will host a press conference on its stand, A01 in Hall 16, on September 21 at 9.15 am. Iveco will introduce a host of new products and innovations on its ample stand of over 2,500 square metres, showcasing its full range from light vehicles to heavy trucks for on- and off-road applications, and from buses to heavy-duty trucks for quarries and construction sites. Iveco will also present, in a world premiere, a new long-haul futuristic concept truck breaking new frontiers for totally sustainable transport, and protected by over 25 patents. Official premiere of the New Stralis, the TCO 2 Champion Centre-stage on the Iveco stand will be the New Stralis, which makes its debut to the international public following an official presentation last June in Madrid. The New Stralis introduces a completely new driveline and, with the best in reliability and efficiency, delivers leading-edge low Total Cost of Operation (TCO), and CO 2 reduction. The three-vehicle range was developed around customer missions, and meets all the requirements of the on-road heavy transportation sector: the New Stralis was designed to offer the best solution for regional and short-range missions, including the transportation of hazardous goods, where it maintains the unique advantage provided by the exclusive HI-SCR after-treatment system. The New Stralis XP was developed for the demands of the international long-haul transport business, and is packed with innovative fuel-saving features and new services to maximise uptime and fuel efficiency. The most reliable and fuel-efficient truck on the market, designed to maximise reliability and reduce CO 2 a nd TCO, it delivers fuel savings of up to 11%, while the new-generation services can add further savings of up to 3%, resulting in an impressive 5.6% reduction in TCO in long-haul missions. The revolutionary New Stralis NP (Natural Power), which runs on CNG and LNG, is the most sustainable international transport truck ever, and a real breakthrough in the gas truck industry. It is the only natural gas truck to offer the power rating, driving comfort and fuel autonomy to suit long-distance haulage missions. A new engine that delivers 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque equal to its diesel equivalent is coupled with an automated transmission. The improvements contribute to a 3% reduction in TCO compared to the previous model, which already had fuel pump costs up to 40% lower than its diesel equivalent. It is the first true long-haul gas truck in the market that offers an alternative to diesel vehicles. Also on the stand will be three Emotional Trucks : versions of the New Stralis XP dedicated to Ferrari, Dakar Team Petronas De Rooy Iveco and Schwabentruck, as a special tribute to Iveco s great partnerships with big names from the world of sports. The vehicles liveries were designed and produced by the CNH Industrial Design Team, which devoted particular attention to the personalisation of the vehicles with the colours and graphics of the partnership they are dedicated to. New Daily Euro 6 and New Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 open a new world of connectivity The New Daily Euro 6 is the first light commercial vehicle to turn on-board connectivity into a true professional work tool, with the revolutionary new app, DAILY BUSINESS UP . Leveraging its strength, versatility, performance and durability, the new Daily Euro 6 introduces new features that use technology to push the boundaries of performance , raise comfort to a new level, deliver unique connectivity options and lower its TCO, reflecting the Business Instinct of Iveco s customers, and making the vehicle their perfect business partner. The New Daily Euro 6 delivers unrivalled performance day after day with its new and powerful 2.3 and 3.0 litre engines, developing as much as 210 hp and 470 Nm at the top of the range. The advanced driveline technologies further deliver fuel savings of up to 8% compared to the previous models. Low maintenance and repair costs due to extended service intervals and long-lasting components result in additional savings of up to 12%. The cabin is even quieter than previous models, with the noise level reduced by 4 decibels , improving the vehicle s acoustics and sound recognition by 8%. The NEW DAILY BUSINESS UP app turns any smartphone or tablet into an interface with the New Daily Euro 6, allowing customers to experience ultimate efficiency in their mobile workstation. NEW DAILY BUSINESS UP is a smart tool for drivers, acting as a Driver Assistant that provides real-time suggestions to reduce fuel consumption through the Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) system. The app also works out routes optimised for commercial vehicles with the Professional Navigation system. It is also a smart tool for owners, acting as a Business Assistant that makes fleet management tasks easier by facilitating scheduling, dispatching and tracking jobs with Sygic Fleetwork, and providing a direct link to Iveco Assistance Non Stop the 24/7 roadside assistance service. NEW DAILY BUSINESS UP is an Open Platform designed for continuous evolution, and new features will be developed to continue to help Iveco customers improve their productivity and efficiency further. The New Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family has been extended to include a wider range of models to meet all business needs. It offers the ultimate driving experience and all the benefits of safety, performance and productivity, with features such as an ergonomic multifunctional lever and self-adaptive shift strategy. It also benefits from EcoSwitch PRO, an intelligent system that recognises if the vehicle is loaded or not and adapts the engine torque, with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption and further lowering of emissions, and no compromise to the customer s productivity. This vehicle is an example of how Iveco puts the driver at the core of its design process, improving productivity and providing absolute driving pleasure. New Eurocargo, The truck the city likes , in new full air suspended and CNG versions Known as The truck the city likes , the New Eurocargo range was crowned International Truck of the Year 2016 . On its stand, Iveco will introduce a new Euro VI Step C compliant ML160 (16t) in a new full air suspended version, and display the eco-sustainable Natural Power version, which runs on compressed natural gas (CNG). The New Eurocargo ML160 Full Air version complies with Euro VI Step C regulations, which come into force on December 31 2016, thanks to Iveco s patented HI-SCR -only technology with passive Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). It is the only vehicle in its class (6-19 tonnes) to adopt a single anti-emission system, rather than relying on exhaust gas recirculation. HI-SCR is simple, reliable and lightweight. Most importantly, it regenerates the DPF without requiring vehicle downtime or any intervention by the driver. The New Eurocargo ML160 Full Air version on display features pneumatic suspension on the front and rear axle, now available with a payload increased by 1 tonne . The constant chassis height and horizontal loading bed ensure a further improvement in safety, even when the load is not distributed evenly. The reduction in vibration in transport ensures the driver travels in comfort, and the goods are well cared for. The possibility of modifying ground clearance ensures high versatility on approach to loading and unloading docks of varying heights, and the capability of taking on different ramp gradients. The New Eurocargo Natural Power , which runs on CNG, will also be present on the Iveco stand. It is particularly at home in major cities thanks to its low emissions and quiet operation . A ne w engine delivers 204 hp maximum power at 2,700 rpm, with torque of 750 Nm from 1,400 to 1,800 rpm 100 Nm more than its predecessor. True to Iveco s commitment to sustainability, it already meets Euro VI Step C emissions standards, which will come into force at the end of the year, and can run on bio-methane derived from biomass or organic waste. It is also an exceptionally quiet vehicle, at 3 dB quieter than diesel, as a result of its engine technologies. This also means that the New Eurocargo Natural Power is allowed to drive in restricted traffic zones, and is ideal for night-time work. The New Eurocargo NP has a range autonomy of up to 400 km , thus meeting the requirements of a variety of missions from multi-drop urban distribution to municipality tasks. Astra HD9 for extreme conditions and environments Iveco s toughest vehicle, the ASTRA HD9, will also be on display at IAA. From its special heavy-duty chassis and state-of-the-art driveline to its simple electric and electronic architectures, everything in this extra-strong vehicle has been designed take on the most demanding situations for climate, terrain and loading capabilities. Easy to maintain and repair, it is the ideal partner on the most challenging missions. The Astra s Euro VI 13 litre High Pressure Common Rail engine optimises the combustion process and increases engine efficiency in terms of power output (up to 560 hp) and torque, while reducing noise and minimising fuel consumption. The HI-SCR system without EGR delivers the best in thermal efficiency, while reducing weight and complexity. An electronic controlled variable geometry turbocharger delivers outstanding performance. The high torque at low engine speed results in excellent driving elasticity in all conditions. The robustness, versatility, mobility, mission dedication and loading capabilities of the HD9 range make it the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications in mining, construction, oil and gas and heavy haulage.