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Trump-loving tow truck driver says God told him to leave disabled Bernie Sanders supporter stranded

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This Week in Fiction: Petina Gappah on the Insular World of …

Petina Gappah s story A Short History of Zaka the Zulu appears in this week s issue of The New Yorker. Credit PHOTOGRAPH BY MARINA CAVAZZA Y our story in this week s issue, A Short History of Zaka the Zulu [1] , is set at the College of Loyola, a Jesuit school in Zimbabwe that is based on a school you attended. Does the story draw on your own experiences? It doesn t draw on my experiences but it does draw on my memories. I spent the final two years of high school studying English literature, history, and Shona at St. Ignatius College, which is the top school in Zimbabwe, renowned for its academic performance and stellar results. In my time, the school took forty girls at A-Level, to join the four hundred or so boys from Form 1 to Form 6 who made up the rest of the school. We girls were supposed to have a civilizing influence on the boys. I can t say how successful we were at achieving that mission, because there was certainly nothing civilized about the boys crowding around the school balconies to watch us swim! For the most part, though, the boys were sweet and adorable, and many of them have remained dear friends. What I loved the most about being there was that it was a school that encouraged excellence and competition but not rivalry we were coevals competing to bring out the best in one another, not rivals fighting to knock one another down. What made you a former Mary Ward decide to write the story from the perspective of the male students at the school? And why did you choose to use the first-person plural? About four years ago, I was invited to give a speech at the school s Prize-Giving Day. I had not been back during term time since I left. It struck me then how incredibly young the boys were, even the oldest of them. That realization inspired me to write a story about the closed and insular world of boarding school, and about the choices that teen-agers can make in the arrogant belief that they know everything. I don t believe in the write what you know school of writing; I believe in writing what I can realistically imagine. I love to write across class, across race, across sex and gender, and I wanted badly to put myself in the shoes of those boys. It would have been too easy to write it from the girls perspective; I wanted to push myself by imagining another. As for the voice: I am currently writing a historical novel about the journey undertaken by the African companions of the Scottish explorer David Livingstone to carry his body from the African interior to the coast, so that he could be buried in his own land. It is a large and busy novel I just hope it will be polyphonic rather than cacophonic and one of the voices is a chorus of the sixty or so men who travelled with the body. As I have never studied creative writing, everything I know about writing has come from trying and failing, and, most of all, from reading. I read everything I could find that was written in that kind of collective voice, so as to learn from better writers. There are very few examples because it is such a tricky voice to get right, particularly in a novel, unless you are Jeffrey Eugenides in the sublime The Virgin Suicides. Then I read Faulkner s A Rose for Emily , and the idea of trying that voice out in a short story came to me at once. What do you think drove Nicodemus to do what he did? It seems possible that he actually liked Zaka and wanted to have his genuine friendship. Was blackmail the only way for him to get what he wanted? That s such a great question. Nicodemus is desperate to be accepted, but he does things in a clumsy way that alienates the other boys, such as suggesting a nickname for himself. These little things are hugely important in schools with rigid codes and protocols. I suspect that Nicodemus would have used the money he tried to blackmail from the first boy (who died) to try to buy friendship, but, that having failed, he manipulates Zaka into behaving like a friend. You are right to say that he probably does like Zaka, but the tragedy with manipulative people is that there is often a war within them between their better instincts and their need to control people. The lust for power becomes intoxicating and kills what could have been a real relationship. Is it relevant that Nicodemus is a scholarship student from a poor family, whereas Zaka comes from better circumstances? It is not so much that Zaka is from a better-off family at that sort of school at that time, the late eighties or early nineties, all the boys would come from quite similar family circumstances, even the scholarship students. It is simply that Zaka is from a more loving, or perhaps I should say more engaged, family. They come to see him, bringing him food, and they cheer him on when he does well, while Nicodemus, whose parents are probably struggling with younger brothers and sisters at home, are unable to do so. Nicodemus is probably the first child in the family to get to this kind of school, and his poor parents simply don t realize what s expected in terms of visits and support. The tragedy at the center of the story is triggered by an affair between two boys at the school, who are blackmailed by a fellow-student. What would have happened to the boys if they had been discovered by someone else, someone in a position of authority? Would they have been punished? Disgraced? They would most certainly have been expelled. And that would have blighted their futures. Education is everything in Zimbabwe. Partly because it was bottlenecked in Rhodesia, and thus a scarce resource, with black students competing for few places, parents of schoolchildren there still have a passion for education that I must say I have not seen anywhere else. I know a truck driver who recently sold his house just so that his daughter could go to university in Cyprus. Zimbabweans, black Zimbabweans, are raised with the idea that education is crucial to success. It s part of the reason that the fake-Ph.D. industry thrives there! So it is less criminal sanctions that the boys would fear homosexual acts, even between consenting adults, are illegal in Zimbabwe than the prospect of being kicked out of school and the disgrace that that would bring to them and their families. Zaka is so good at chess the ultimate game of strategy but fails completely when it comes to being strategic in his own life. He alienates almost everyone. Is that an intentional irony on your part? That s such a great observation. I had not thought about it that way at all. But yes, Zaka is a poor strategist. And he does not mean to alienate anyone. He is just really caught up in the idea of what it means to be the perfect schoolboy. He derives his primary identity from being a Loyolan, a good Catholic. It is an image that does not reflect his deepest nature, which is why he is at war with himself, and with others. It s why he spends so long in the confessional, and why, when he is forced to leave university, he finds himself back in the valley, with a view of his old school, wearing the uniform he wore when he was head prefect. A Short History of Zaka the Zulu will appear in your new collection, Rotten Row, which will be published by Faber & Faber in the U.K. in November. Do the stories in the collection have a thematic link? There is indeed a thematic link in the collection. Rotten Row is the street in Harare on which you find the Criminal Division of the Magistrate s Court. The book is made up of twenty stories about crime, seen from different perspectives. I also experiment with different approaches to storytelling: I use a court judgment, an autopsy report, and an Internet discussion forum, as well as other voices. I love the short story and want to master the form. I love the sentence-by-sentence, word-level attention that the short story demands, and that is its greatest pleasure. References ^ A Short History of Zaka the Zulu (

TALPRA MAGYAR! Two Hungarian Heroes vs. The “Refugee … 0

TALPRA MAGYAR! Two Hungarian Heroes vs. The “Refugee …

[ Adapted from the latest [1] Radio Derb, now available free on [2] ] ( Talpra Magyar! means On your feet, Magyar! which is what Hungarians call themselves, and is the first line of their National Song [3] , below.) [embedded content] There have been many attempted invasions of Europe by barbarian hordes. Each one has brought forth heroes to lead the fight for civilization. The Spartans held the pass at Thermopylae . Aetius fought the Huns to a standstill at Ch lons (although to judge from the character sketch in Gibbon, Aetius might just as happily have fought on the other side, if the price was right). Charles Marte l stopped the Muslims at Tours, and John Sobieski turned them back from the gates of Vienna. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] So far as I can observe, today s Europe doesn t have champions of that caliber. They do, though, have Hungary. Hungary s current [10] Prime Minister, Viktor Orb n, [11] is a loud and unapologetic voice [12] for his nation s identity, and Europe s [13] , and for protecting those identities by refusing to go along with the opening of Europe to millions of illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East. Orb n s views of course drive the mandarins of the European Union crazy. It s gotten so bad [14] that we are now hearing the first calls for Hungary to be thrown out of the EU. Recently, Prime Minister Orb n made a speech in which he said: If Europe wants the best for itself it should be able to rule the Mediterranean, and as the old Roman emperors did sink the empty, unauthorised ships. Christians BEFORE Islam: Orban blasts EU over migration and demands SINKING of Med boats, [15] By Rebecca Perring & Agnes Keg, Express (UK), September 13, 2016 I don t quite get that reference to the Roman Emperors. From what I know of Roman attitudes and methods, they would not likely have bothered to check that the boats were empty before sinking them. And to judge from the comment threads to European news websites, that Roman spirit is far from dead. Leaving that aside, Orb n gave a good vigorous speech, [16] in strong opposition to the arm-flapping surrender mentality of the EU girly-men. He announced that Hungary will hold a referendum on the EU s demand that member countries accept 160,000 so-called Syrian so-called refugees for permanent settlement. Orb n s not just talk, either. He s been fortifying Hungary s border with razor-wire fencing; and last month his Secretary of the Interior announced [17] that they are recruiting 3,000 more border security agents. As I said, this kind of talk and action drives the EU mandarins nuts. Here s one of them: Jean Asselborn, the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg. Honk from him, in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt following Orb n s speech: We cannot accept that the basic values of the European Union are being so seriously breached Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against war refugees should be temporarily, or if needed forever, excluded from the EU. Asselborn fordert Ausschluss Ungarns aus der EU [18] , by Christoph B. Schiltz, September 14, 2016 Dennis Healey, a long-time Labor Party member of the British House of Commons [19] , once described having been criticized in the chamber by Geoffrey Howe, a rather limp and mild-mannered Tory, as like being savaged by a dead sheep. I imagine a verbal assault probably even a physical one by the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg feels somewhat similar. I note in passing that the German headline on that story reads: Asselborn Fordert Ausschluss Ungarns Aus Der EU [20] Asselborn demands the exclusion of Hungary from the EU. Those with an interest in 20th-century European history will note that Ausschluss is the opposite of Anschluss . They both derive from the noun Schluss , a closing or locking. The related word Schl ssel is the German word for key. With an Anschluss you bring someone in and lock the door behind them with your Schl ssel . With an Ausschluss you throw them out and lock the door Sorry, I m rambling. The wonderfully expressive German language [21] always sidetracks me. Where was I? Oh yes, in Hungary. Prime Minister Orb n i s not the only Hungarian in the news. Meet Mr. rp d Jeddi. Mr. Jeddi is a truck driver by trade. Last November he was driving his truck from Hungary to Britain. This of course involved him driving through the approaches to Calais, on the French side of the English Channel. [22] [23] Those approaches are crowded with illegal aliens. There s a huge camp of these scofflaws outside Calais, popularly called the Jungle, [24] current population over ten thousand. They all want to get to Britain, where the welfare is lavish and sentimentality about refugees rampant. To this end, they break into trucks that are headed for Britain, sometimes making the trucks slow down or stop so they can force the doors open or cut through the tarp. So along comes Mr. Jeddi in his truck, heading for Calais. He made a 15-minute video [25] of the view from his truck along those approaches. Mr. Jeddi is cursing angrily all through the video; but he s cursing in Hungarian, so it s not too distracting for non-speakers of that noble tongue. It s worth watching that video, to see the scale of the problem. With all respect to Mr. Asselborn, you won t see many pitiful refugees dragging their emaciated bodies along, begging for the truckers to throw them a crust. What you will see is gangs of tough-looking young men looking for trucks to break into, [26] and throwing rocks when they are frustrated. You should watch that video for a feel of what Europe s undergoing. [embedded content] Mr. Jeddi uploaded his video to YouTube. This is last November, you ll recall. The video was a big hit right away. When I viewed it just now I was the four million and some person to do so. That s not bad for a clip whose voice-over is entirely in Hungarian. The entire population of Hungary is only ten million. A lot of the viewers are non-Hungarian, though, as you can see from the YouTube comment thread. Well, that video cost Mr. Jeddi his job. See, he s yelling curses at the illegals, and at one point swerves towards a crowd of them in the roadway, forcing them to run for the grass verge. The haulage firm fired him, although we re told he s since got a job driving for a different firm. Now for some reason Hungarian prosecutors are trying to get him into court. [ Hungarian Trucker Who Swerved Lorry At Migrants In Calais Faces Suspended Jail Sentence [27] , Hungary Today, September 17, 2016 ] They say he should have a suspended jail sentence for reckless driving. Mr. Jeddi responds, via social media, that when ordinary law enforcement can t contain a lawless situation, citizens have to take matters into their own hands. Watching that video, it s hard to disagree with him, and I bet not many Hungarians do. So, while Fran ois, Herman, and Giuseppe flap their arms impotently, there are at least some Europeans willing to stand up against the invaders. Talpra Magyar! [28] There is no aspect of the Western world s immigration romanticism more obnoxious than these refugee rackets. Not the least thing to find obnoxious about them is that there are genuine refugees helpless women, children, and old people driven from their homes by war and revolution, badly in need of food and shelter. The word refugee is not a synonym for immigrant, though. An immigrant is a person granted permanent residence in a country not his own, with the assurance and expectation that (a) he will make a positive contribution to his new country; and (b) he will not be a danger to its native inhabitants or a charge on the public purse. A refugee , on the other hand, is a person given charity in some safe place until he can safely return to his home. If, in the event, he never can safely return, he might reasonably be considered for immigration at some future time. That sure isn t how the U.S.A. conducts its refugee policy. I refer listeners to the website Refugee Resettlement Watch [29] , run by the doughty Ann Corcoran, a true patriot and heroine of our time. Ann tirelessly chronicles all the crookedness and bogosity of our refugee system, and its dire effects on American towns and cities, and on our country s security. If common sense doesn t tell you this, let the Director of the FBI tell you. Giving testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee last year, Director Comey said in respect of Syrian refugees that, [30] We can only query against that which we have collected. And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them. FBI Director Admits U.S. Will Have No Basis to Vet Some Syrian Refugees [31] , by Melanie Hunter, CNS News, October 21, 2015 That of course is no deterrent to the contractors running the refugee resettlement rackets, who have money and careers invested in the game. Still less does it deter our President, who has strongly pro-Muslim sentiments and a gnawing dislike of provincial white prole Americans, bitterly clinging to their bibles and their guns. Obama just asked Congress to fund 110,000 so-called refugees for the coming Fiscal Year. The number for Fiscal 2016 was 85,000, so that s an increase of 25,000. And as Ann Corcoran has documented very extensively, that 25,000 will be housed in red states, not blue states; as we Charles Murray fans would say, in white prole Fishtown [32] , not in upper-middle-class Belmont. The philanthropy of our elites is telescopic. They want to do good to the oppressed masses of the world, but they don t want them living nearby. They definitely don t want their kids going to school with them. From Obama s point of view, of course, it s win-win; in fact, it s win-win-win. Not only does he (a) get a worshipful, admiring press from the globalist bureaucrats at the U.N. and elsewhere; not only does he (b) accelerate the growth of non-traditional America by importing a mass of fecund Muslims into states that voted against him; he also (c) pokes a finger in the eye of those flyover white people he hates so much. Win-win-win! The American nation is not without its defenders, though. While Ann Corcoran is toiling away in the vineyards of internet commentary, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is striking back from Congress, where the money will be appropriated, if it gets appropriated. Read his statement [33] . Keep at em, Senator. You too, Ann. Thanks for all you re doing here. And listeners, let your representatives know how you feel about this. That especially applies if your representative is one of the weasel Republicans who will happily go along with Obama s scheme of demographic transformation, however much it costs. Picking up the Hungarian theme again: If you follow my extracurricular activities, you will know that the September issue of that splendid magazine The New Criterion contains a lengthy review by me [34] of a great Hungarian novel, Mikl s B nffy s Transylvanian Trilogy . One of the characters in that novel is a rather stiff and, as we 1960s survivors were wont to say, uptight lady, of whom the novelist tells us that, quote, she preferred a waltz to a cs rd s. OK, so what s a cs rd s? Well, it s a traditional folk dance of Hungary, characterized by dramatic changes of tempo. Here s an actual Hungarian, the lovely [35] and talented Katica Ill nyi, playing one of the fast bits. [embedded content] Nothing like that in the Middle East or Kenya [36] either, for that matter. John Derbyshire [ email him ] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books . [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] [44] He s had t w o books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT ( also available in Kindle [46] ) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013 [47] . His writings are archived at . [45] [48] Readers who wish to donate (tax deductible) funds specifically earmarked for John Derbyshire`s writings at can do so here. [49] References ^ latest ( ^ free on ( ^ National Song ( ^ Spartans ( ^ Thermopylae ( ^ fought the Huns to a standstill ( ^ Charles Marte ( ^ John Sobieski turned them back ( ^ gates of Vienna. ( ^ current ( ^ Viktor Orb n, ( ^ loud and unapologetic voice ( ^ nation s identity, and Europe s ( ^ gotten so bad ( ^ Christians BEFORE Islam: Orban blasts EU over migration and demands SINKING of Med boats, ( ^ Orb n gave a good vigorous speech, ( ^ his Secretary of the Interior announced ( ^ Asselborn fordert Ausschluss Ungarns aus der EU ( ^ a long-time Labor Party member of the British House of Commons ( ^ Asselborn Fordert Ausschluss Ungarns Aus Der EU ( ^ The wonderfully expressive German language ( ^ Prime Minister Orb n i ( ^ Calais, on the French side of the English Channel. 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