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Here’s The Mercedes Pickup Truck Prototype In The Wild

We ve known for some time that Mercedes-Benz will be building a mid-sized pickup truck [1] in the near future. Or at least, they ll rebadge a Nissan. But this week somebody seems to have actually spotted the thing cruising around Germany. This video identifies the vehicle as a GLT, which some journalists (including myself) have speculated the name might be. I mean it makes sense, right? But as it stands Mercedes has not released an official name for the truck. I ve also heard X-Class [2] , for what it s worth. But we do know the Benz truck will be built on the Nissan Navara platform, which is effectively the Nissan Frontier in every country except the United States. The Navara and Frontier have been effectively identical until recently, when the Navara got a fresh facelift [3] and our Frontier just kept on trucking with the same face it s had for over a decade. The 2016 global-market Nissan Navara. Picture this with a Benz badge. (Image via Nissan) We ve pressed Nissan on what they plan to do with the American market Frontier but so far the only answer I ve been able to get is a vague statement that the U.S. truck will not look like the globally-sold Navara. Rumors have gone both ways: the next Frontier will be tiny , the next Frontier will be the Navara . Honestly seems like even Nissan isn t sure what the future of its U.S.-market mid-sized truck is. It probably has a lot to do with the success of their finally revamped Titan . [4] [5] [6] As to what exactly Mercedes plans to change about the Nissan platform, that remains a little mysterious as well. In the first (and apparently only) official statement Mercedes has released about its truck, they claimed [7] it would have a payload capacity of about one metric ton. That s 2,200 pounds, a very impressive specification for a mid-sized truck, at least in the U.S. market. Abroad, it s much more common to see single-cab tray-back trucks based off mid-sized platforms and their carrying-capacities get much higher than ours. Whatever they end up calling it, I think it s highly unlikely Mercedes will sell this vehicle in the U.S. for the same reason we don t get the work-spec G-Class or cloth-interior trims of anything else. Too much brand dilution for us superficial Americans. References ^ Mercedes-Benz will be building a mid-sized pickup truck ( ^ X-Class ( ^ the Navara got a fresh facelift ( ^ the next Frontier will be tiny ( ^ the next Frontier will be the Navara ( ^ finally revamped Titan ( ^ they claimed (


If Mercedes Builds A Pickup Truck So Will Audi

by Jared Rosenholtz 4,424 reads Audi may finally bring one of our dream cars to the US. When we first heard the rumors that Mercedes-Benz was building a pickup truck, we loved the idea, but didn’t think it would happen. Now the rumors have grown [1] and we have even seen spy shots [2] of the supposed Mercedes pickup truck. The hype is real. Even Mercedes’ rival Audi is starting to consider whether a pickup truck makes business sense. In an interview with Australian website CarAdvice [3] , Audi Australia managing director Andrew Doyle said that no product has been confirmed, but that there could be a market. When asked if Audi could sell a luxury-ute locally Doyle said It depends if there is really a market there for a premium utility model like that. What I can say is that the brand has proven that as much as we stretch into different areas and different segments, we can have success. Since this interview took place in Australia, the stakes are very different. One in every six cars sold there is a pickup or “ute.” Doyle pointed out that If the formula is there to ensure its premium quality and premium performance, we d have to do a global case study to see if that would be the case. It certainly would be an interesting addition to the Australian fleet. So it is still unsure of how an Audi pickup could be received elsewhere in the world. For example, the Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck is a best seller in its class in Australia, but isn’t even available in the US. Audi would likely base its truck on the Amarok, with a more upscale feel. We absolutely love the prospect of being able to buy a luxurious version of the Amarok in the US. However, we doubt that Volkswagen will suddenly change its mind about selling the Amarok in any form in the US because of cost issues, mainly the Chicken Tax [4] . Audi’s pickup truck hinges on whether the Mercedes pickup truck becomes a reality. All that we can hope for is that Mercedes hits it out of the park and Audi is forced to build a competing pickup truck of it own. Rendering by: Theophilus Chin References ^ rumors have grown ( ^ even seen spy shots ( ^ CarAdvice ( ^ Chicken Tax (

Mercedes-Benz Arocs lifts AG to new heights 0

Mercedes-Benz Arocs lifts AG to new heights

Leading hard landscaping materials producer AG (Acheson & Glover) has laid firm foundations for future success by commissioning the first six Mercedes-Benz Arocs tractor units to enter service in Northern Ireland. They pull new SDC dropside trailers with rear-mounted Palfinger crane grabs, and are being used to deliver paving products and bulk aggregates throughout Ireland. Three are based at the operator s headquarters in Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone, one at nearby Ballygawley, and the remaining two at a depot in Toomebridge, Co. Antrim. Manufacturing companies across the UK and Ireland have undoubtedly had a tough time of it in recent years, acknowledged AG Chief Executive Officer Stephen Acheson. But business is on the up and at such times it is important to grow. This new fleet of vehicles is one of many strategic investments we re making. The muscular Arocs range is purpose-designed for construction-related applications. These smart new trucks are impressively robust and well-suited to the work, confirmed Operations Manager Lyle Cairns. They are also fuel-efficient and have been well received by our drivers, while Dealer Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van (NI) s Dungannon workshop is conveniently located. The new tractors are all 6 2 Arocs 2545 models with ClassicSpace cabs and advanced, 330 kw (450 hp) six-cylinder engines paired with smooth Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions. They have joined a fleet of rigid tippers, tractors and bulk tipping trailers, tipper-grabs, and flat-bed vehicles and trailers with grabs, in which two other truck manufacturers have previously held sway. Not only are the Arocs AG s first Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but in another first for the operator it chose contract hire as the acquisition method. They are the subject of seven-year CharterWay agreements from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. The rates are competitive, which was another reason we chose these trucks, continued Mr Cairns. Once we ve been running these Mercedes-Benz trucks for a full year we will review our experience. The evidence to date, though, is certainly encouraging. The Arocs are performing very well, and currently returning an acceptable average of 8.9 mpg, although these are still early days and the figures are getting better with daily use. Meanwhile, the customer support we ve received from Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van (NI) has been exemplary the Dealer s Dungannon workshop team have been very helpful indeed. Established in 1960, AG was ranked earlier this year as one of Northern Ireland s top 100 locally-owned family businesses. It has grown from a company that serviced customers based within a few miles of its original quarry, to one that employs more than 400 people and distributes its top-quality concrete products throughout the UK and Ireland for use in a wide range of commercial and domestic projects. [1] References ^ (