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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter lifts the curtain on SR Transport Silver Anniversary celebrations 0

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter lifts the curtain on SR Transport Silver Anniversary celebrations

Savva Roberts founded his Tyne & Wear transport business with a single van a quarter of a century ago. The following year he swapped it for his first Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and he s bought no other make of van since. Today, Washington-based SR Transport runs five 3.5-tonne Sprinters and four mid-sized Vito models, as well as 19 trucks of various sizes. The latest arrivals from North-East Dealer Bell Truck and Van are a Long-bodied Vito 111 CDI and a Sprinter 316 CDI chassis cab with curtainside bodywork by Alloy Bodies, of Manchester, and cab roof-mounted sleeper pod by Czech manufacturer Pony Auto Trend. Both wear laurel wreath logos highlighting their owner s 25th anniversary. SR Transport also operates 10,000 sq ft of warehousing and specialises in dedicated UK same-day and European next-day deliveries, many of them undertaken for clients from the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Our aim, said Savva Roberts, is to create flexibility, reliability and total customer satisfaction at all times. Its Mercedes-Benz vans play a key role in enabling the company to honour this service pledge. Reliability is the single most important factor behind our loyalty to Mercedes-Benz vans, explained Mr Roberts. A lot of our work entails just-in-time deliveries and given the size of the fines we d incur if we arrived late, we simply cannot afford breakdowns. Our Sprinter and Vito vans have stood the test of time. Problems have been few and far between and on the very rare occasions that they have occurred the Mercedes-Benz emergency roadside assistance service has responded quickly and efficiently. Given the distances our vehicles cover the manufacturer s unlimited mileage, three-year warranty is another big plus point. Our vans are also comfortable and well-liked by their drivers, equipped with a reassuring array of safety features and very economical to run. SR Transport s new Sprinter is used primarily for express Continental assignments. It combines punchy, 163 hp performance with a lightweight, curtainside body that affords quick and easy access to the load deck. The Vito, meanwhile, is on domestic duties. It is SR Transport s second vehicle from the range that broke new ground at launch last year, by featuring both rear- and front-wheel drive variants. The 111 CDI model is powered by an advanced 114 hp 1.6-litre engine that offers outstanding fuel economy of 45.6 mpg and drives the front wheels this lightweight system offers a 120 kg saving over the model it replaced, and around 60 kg compared to rear wheel-drive versions. SR Transport maintains its Mercedes-Benz vans in its own workshops but relies on Bell Truck and Van for regular parts deliveries. It s a first class service, added Mr Roberts. We buy used as well as new vehicles from Bell and its sales executives are very switched on. [1] References ^ (

Top 5: Transport cheats 0

Top 5: Transport cheats

The VW scandal is not the first time transport has been at the centre of a major scandal and is not even the latest. From vehicles that aren t what they seem to unsporting behaviour and ticketing scams, here s our Top 5 (worst) transport cheats. 1) The VW emissions scandal VW s attempt to rig emissions tests in the US [1] , which involved the installation of software that could detect when cars were in a lab, has been labelled by one German newspaper [2] as the most expensive act of stupidity’ in the history of the car industry. Estimates suggest it could cost tens of billions to put right. VW has admitted cheating lab emissions tests Despite this, emissions were only this month [3] again part of a scandal in which four truck manufacturers were fined 2.46bn by the European Union for colluding on prices and passing on the costs of emissions-reducing technology. 2) What s your emergency? Recently [4] , the North East Ambulance Service was surprised to hear of an ambulance driving erratically at the Tyne Tunnel when it had no record of one of their vehicles being in the area at the time. Police later discovered that the vehicle in question was in fact a car in disguise – fitted by Shaun Scandle, its appropriately named driver, with blue lights and a siren. Scandle was fined 1,000 and given nine points on his licence for careless driving. In another recent case [5] , six men were jailed for a total of 94 years for smuggling truly colossal quantities of Class A drugs into the UK in a fleet of fake ambulances. Two of the men charged stepped out of the ambulance wearing paramedic uniforms and were even accompanied by a patient on crutches, who later seemed to have forgotten about his injuries when he was spotted by officers walking normally. 3) Performance enhancing trains, buses and cars During the 1904 Tour de France [6] , described as one of the most scandalous tours of all time , nine riders were excluded because of illegal use of trains or cars. Of course, cheating on the Tour has taken many creative forms [7] over the years, with cyclists on more than just trains. It has also been alleged that some marathon runners have used buses and other forms of transport to improve their times, including Frederick Lorz [8] who got a lift in his manager’s car for eleven miles during the marathon at the 1904 Olympic Games but was disqualified after finishing first. 4) (No) Ticket to ride Jonathon Burrows [9] , said to be the owner of two country mansions worth a combined 4m, was caught out on his scam of paying just 7.20 a day for his commute from a rural station in East Sussex to London Bridge. After finding a loophole in the Oyster card system, Mr Burrows proceeded to use this dodge to make his journey, which allowed him to make estimated savings of 43,000 over five years. More recently City banker Simon King [10] lost his job after an 8,000 fare-dodging scam. He admitted photocopying his train season ticket, before returning it for a refund, on two separate occasions. 5) A long hop In May, London mayor Sadiq Khan announced [11] a partial introduction of his proposed one-hour Hopper fare, allowing bus passengers a free second journey within one hour of the first. But the new fare does not match the description in Mr Khan s manifesto, in which he pledged to introduce unlimited changes within an hour . We re not saying he was cheating, but Londoners are already planning to game the system [12] by creating the longest possible routes with the record so far at 35 miles on the fare. Also see Register just once to get unrestricted, real-time coverage of the issues and challenges facing UK transport and highways engineers. Full website content includes the latest news, exclusive commentary from leading industry figures and detailed topical analysis of the highways, transportation, environment and place-shaping sectors. Use the link below to register your details for full, free access. Already a registered? Login [13] References ^ VW s attempt to rig emissions tests in the US ( ^ labelled by one German newspaper ( ^ only this month ( ^ Recently ( ^ another recent case ( ^ 1904 Tour de France ( ^ many creative forms ( ^ Frederick Lorz ( ^ Jonathon Burrows ( ^ Simon King ( ^ announced ( ^ planning to game the system ( ^ Login (


This Week in Comedy Podcasts: New Offerings from Jemaine Clement and Chris Gethard

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy. The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie s Botanarium Cheese Dreams in Gravy Isles [1] Kaitlynn: Fair warning: this podcast is available exclusively through Howl premium, a subscription listening platform. New subscribers are invited to try Howl using the promo code BERTIE when signing up at [2] . Press play and step inside an 18th century alternative universe. The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie s Botanarium is the fictional account of a sea voyage (and an extremely parallel universe) while referencing the real life Joseph Banks, a British botanist who journeyed to New Zealand in the 1700s. Like radio plays of history, the story is told through twelve episodes (season two is already being planned). It s created, written, and performed by an ensemble of creatives from Wellington, New Zealand. Rich sound effects and an original score easily creates this audio adventure that is part fantasy, part sublime and a whole lot of ridiculous. Jemaine Clement, actor, comedian and instrumentalist from Flight of the Conchords fame, plays Lord Joseph Banks (nephew of infamous botanist Bertie Banks) in search of the pleasure plant aptly named Heaven s Clover. Episode one introduces us to Lord Banks through an encounter with a cheesemonger, resulting in him and his servant (played by Lawrence Arabia who composes the show s music) to embark on a grand adventure to find the source of pleasure. I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast #137 [3] Marc: Actor Michael Rapaport ( Zebrahead, Mighty Aphrodite, Cop Land + 60+ other projects) has been kicking it podcast-style with his buddy Gerry Moody for the past year, which I may have overlooked if not for his appearance on this week s WTF with Marc Maron. Having been weaned on diet of rap and comedy from his teens, Rap has a unique and definitive rhythm to his delivery, which is rapid-fire, truthful, and disarmingly funny. And Moody matches him step-for-step. There are also no filters on these guys if you re squeamish about expletives, be forewarned this is the kind of show that iTunes Explicit notice is talking about. Rap also makes no bones about getting everything right, as he periodically reminds us that the hosts don t fact-check anything as they go. (Let s be honest: a lot of gabcasts don t seem to fact-check, either, but they spew right along as if they re streaming gospel.) As for what s on the subject docket, I Am Rapaport is a smorgasbord of chatter, with conversation between the hosts ranging from politics (heavy on the Trump-bashing), questioning why singer Adele is so hot, The People vs O.J. TV series, haven t we all had enough of Kim and the other Kardashians (including a slice about shouldn t Rap and G be allowed to walk down the street with their loaves out), what business does Pam Anderson have telling convicts to go vegan, and more. It s a packed podcast, mostly filled with fun and salty borderline rants about the topics at hand. [ iTunes [4] ] Beautiful/Anonymous Ron Paul s Baby [5] Elizabeth: Chris Gethard s new Earwolf podcast, Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People a.k.a. Beautiful/Anonymous, strips away the celebrity guests, obligatory games, and project promotions and gets back to the basics of podcasting: two people having a conversation. In each episode, an unnamed person calls in and can speak to Gethard about anything for an hour. The caller can hang up at anytime, but Gethard has to stay on the line. It s the perfect format for Gethard, particularly given that many of the most memorable moments on The Chris Gethard Show have come from call-ins. The first episode features an anonymous caller from Texas who is unhappy with his customer service job and his life in general. Gethard feels responsibility to help the caller make a change and the call quickly turns into a fascinating therapy session tracing the caller s life back to his conception at a carnival and his subsequent delivery by politician and doctor Ron Paul. Gethard gives some tough love and really pushes the caller to stop making excuses and start making progress. The episode ends with primal screams and while we ll never know whether the caller follows through on his promises, it really does feel like he has a renewed sense of hope, which is pretty amazing for a one-hour phone call. [ iTunes [6] ] All Killa No Filla Pedro Alonso Lopez [7] Marc: A comedy podcast with a sole focus on serial killers? Welcome to the world of microcasting, where there s something for everyone. The hosts of All Killa No Filla are a pair of British comedians, Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, and each episode focuses on the exploits of a given serial killer. (Sadly, in today s society, it seems they ll not be running out of material for their show anytime soon.) This episode looks at the exploits of Pedro Alonso Lopez, who is reputed to have raped and murdered several HUNDRED victims, the majority of them girls between eight and twelve years old. The murders took place in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in the 1970s. This is not a show for the faint of ears, as some of the recounting of Lopez s crimes are chilling and horrific. How do the crimes of The Monster of the Andes, as Lopez became known, and the other serial killers the show feature into a comedy podcast? You definitely have hear Fairburn and Pritchard-McLean to understand how they can simultaneously revile the criminals and honor the victims, all the while finding elements of the life of someone like Lopez that they can make light of, all while cracking themselves up. Hopefully this unique approach won t blow back on the hosts after all, Lopez was released from a psychiatric hospital in 1998 on good behavior and is still at large to this day. [ iTunes [8] ] Other Podcasts We re Listening To: Bananaland Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Hello From the Magic Tavern Tom the Nominee Mouth Time with Reductress Get It Week! With Chelsea Clarke How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black Chuck Klosterman Wasted Advice Creepy Bosses, Manscaping & Condom Use [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] Got a podcast recommendation? Drop us a line at [14] . Marc Hershon [15] is host of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast and author of I Hate People! [16] [17] Elizabeth Stamp [18] is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York. Kaitlynn E-A Smith [19] is a writer/creator and ( somehow [20] ) MA fashion grad, born and living in Toronto. Advertisement References ^ Cheese Dreams in Gravy Isles ( ^ ( ^ #137 ( ^ iTunes ( ^ Ron Paul s Baby ( ^ iTunes ( ^ Pedro Alonso Lopez ( ^ iTunes ( ^ Greatest Hits Vol. 1 ( ^ Tom the Nominee ( ^ Get It Week! With Chelsea Clarke ( ^ Chuck Klosterman ( ^ Creepy Bosses, Manscaping & Condom Use ( ^ ( ^ Marc Hershon ( ^ Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast ( ^ I Hate People! ( ^ Elizabeth Stamp ( ^ Kaitlynn E-A Smith ( ^ somehow (