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Lorry drivers are ‘wrecking’ our village trees

CONFUSED lorry drivers are destroying trees and causing havoc in a narrow village lane, it has been claimed.

Ian Locke, owner of Stagecoach Stud in Wix Road, Ramsey, said something needs to be done to stop the articulated lorries from driving down the rural road.

His calls come after a driver got wedged in a tree while trying to navigate the village street on Tuesday.

“It keeps happening with these lorries coming through the village,” he said.

“Their satellite navigation systems take them through the village and they are damaging the trees.

“This one pulled a massive branch off one of the trees – it went down the space between the cab and the load and he got absolutely stuck.

“But this is happening all the time when they are on their way to Mistley, they are coming through the village and getting stuck – I don’t know why they are coming this way.

“It’s so narrow here – there needs to be a sign at Horsley Cross directing the traffic to Mistley.“They could be damaging cars too and not even know they are.”

The drivers are travelling up the A120 and turning off on to Wix Road, heading towards the B1352 Wrabness Road.

Mr Locke said there are no signs from the A120 to warn the road is unsuitable for large vehicles.

“Last week it was a French driver going to Bradfield,” he added.

“They are wrecking the place – it’s time and time again.

“We have some beautiful trees down here – we have a lovely horse chestnut tree and the driver this week has pulled a massive branch off.

“The lorry drivers have always been polite but some more signs or something are needed.”

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “We would recommend that the best way to raise this issue is for people to contact their local Essex County councillor who can bring it to the attention of the Local Highways Panel for their consideration.”


World’s first autonomous electric ship to replace 40,000 HGV journeys

electric ship

A new autonomous electric ship due for launch next year is being flagged as an environmental game-changer for global maritime transport.

Every day, more than 100 diesel truck journeys are needed to transport products from YARA’s Porsgrunn plant to ports in Brevik and Larvik where we ship products to customers around the world. With this new autonomous battery-driven container vessel we move transport from road to sea and thereby reduce noise and dust emissions, improve the safety of local roads, and reduce NOx and CO2 emissions,” says Svein Tore Holsether, president of the fertilizer company YARA[1].

Over 50,000 ships ply the world’s oceans to carry an estimated 90 per cent of everything we buy, sell and consume. However, shipping remains the only sector of the European economy not covered by the EU’s existing emissions reduction target, which is surprising given that emissions from international maritime transport have grown by 70% since 1990.

There is little doubt the Paris climate agreement’s target of limiting global warming by less than 2°C will be near impossible without curbing shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions – not least because a European Parliament study found that shipping will be responsible for 17% of total emissions in 2050 if left unregulated.

electric ship

The environmental impact of shipping includes significant emissions of CO2 and sulphur, sound pollution that is detrimental to marine life and contamination of the seas through the dumping of bilge and ballast water. The electric ship cannot arrive soon enough.

Ethical travel insurance

We believe we should tread lightly when we travel. It’s the reason that every travel insurance policy you buy from us helps fund campaigning for sustainable transport by our charity, the ETA Trust[2]. Don’t take our word for it – we have been voted Britain’s most ethical insurance company by The Good Shopping Guide.

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Swenson wins seventh state truck driving title

SIOUX FALLS — Troy Swenson of Watertown, a driver for Fedex Freight Inc., captured first place in the tank division at the S.D. Truck Driving Championships held in Sioux Falls last weekend.

The victory was Swenson’s seventh in state competition.

Swenson also won the Larry Thury Award as the having the best score in the skills course.

The competition included a written exam, pre-trip inspection and driving on a skills course.

Swenson’s TDC success has earned him the status of a FedEx Ace for his exemplary driving skills.  

Swenson and seven other category winners from South Dakota may now participate in the National Truck Driving Championships in Orlando, Fla., Aug. 9-13.

In addition to earning a state title, Swenson qualified to compete in the nationals by driving accident free for at least one year.