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Truck driver hit in ex-cop’s fatal wrong-way crash recounts moment of impact

STATEN ISLAND — A tractor-trailer driver on Monday testified he tried to avoid a car driven by former Linden police officer Pedro Abad as it barrelled toward him and struck the truck head-on, killing two passengers in the car.[1][2]

Brandon Lee Getz said he was driving the tractor trailer south on the West Shore Expressway on March 20, 2015, when he saw a car in front him suddenly swerve to the right and another swerve to the left.

“That’s when I seen the headlights coming toward me,” Getz said. “I slammed on the brakes and drove towards the guardrail. That’s when I was hit.”

Getz said Abad’s car was driving the wrong way in the middle of the two lanes of the highway, straddling the lane line.

“I was just hoping … If he stayed where he was, he would have missed me,” Getz said under questioning from Assistant District Attorney Mark Palladino.

EXCLUSIVE: I was dead and God spoke to me, says ex-cop in fatal wrong-way crash[3]

Authorities say Abad, 29, was driving drunk that night while returning home from the Curves strip club. He is accused of driving north in the southbound lanes of the highway and crashing head-on into the tractor-trailer, killing fellow Linden officer Frank Viggiano and Linden resident Joseph Rodriguez[4] who were passengers in his car.

A third Linden officer, Patrik Kudlac, then 23, was also in the car and was critically injured, as was Abad. Kudlac recovered but was forced to resign from the police department because of his injuries. Abad was fired because he was unable to return to work.

Abad has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and manslaughter, among other charges. He had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit, prosecutors say. Abad’s attorney, Mario Gallucci, contends proper procedures were not followed in taking and testing a blood sample.

Getz, who delivers flour for the Pennsylvania company Snavely’s Mill, was returning from a delivery in Brooklyn.

He testified that he swerved onto a grass median near a guardrail when he was hit in what he described as a loud, abrupt jolt that knocked the hood off his truck.

“I was in shock,” he said, explaining his right hand and lower back were in pain. He got out of the truck and crossed the two lanes of the highway to stand on the edge of the road with a witness who had stopped at the scene. Getz never approached the car or saw the four men inside, he said.

Police gave Getz a breathalyzer test at the scene, he said, and another breathalyzer test and a drug test at a hospital where taken for treatment of injuries. He said he was never arrested and never faced any discipline from his employer.

Jurors on Monday also saw a video that police made recreating the trip Abad allegedly took from the strip club, along Arthur Kill Road and the service road and exit ramp that he drove down the wrong way to enter the highway. The video showed two “Do Not Enter” signs on the roadway.

Gallucci objected to showing the video, but Judge Mario Mattei overruled the objection.

Mattei, however, told jurors that the video was intended to show the roadway, and said the jury should not consider the speed police were traveling when they made the recording, and should not consider any other traffic shown on the roadway.

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Technology is driving the freight brokerage industry in 2017

The freight brokerage industry has been near and dear to my heart for many years. Earlier in my career, I had the privilege of running one of Canada’s largest 3PL operations. My current company has had the distinct pleasure of consulting with some of North America’s finest freight brokers. Periodically I like to look at the changes that are taking place in this industry. In previous years, I have published blogs[1] on the impact on technology in the freight brokerage industry. Times have changed.

Technology is no longer a driving force in this industry. It is the driving force. This year we are witnessing the application of technology to every facet of the business. This industry has been discovered by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, truckers, software, and hardware providers. Software innovations are entering the industry at a very rapid pace. This blog will feature a range of companies that are at the forefront of transforming the industry.

Find an app

Posting a shipment has never been easier. Friendshippr.com[2] turns your Facebook friends into a shipping network. The Friendshippr app, available on Google Play, or from Apple store, is a simple tool to move goods between your Facebook friends.

Pick up, package and label products

Shyp.com[3] will pick up, package, label and deliver your freight.

Deliver goods on day of pickup

If you want to send a package across town or have it picked up, Deliv[4] can do it. They currently service 17 markets. Prices start at $12.50 for our 3-hour same day delivery service.

Find a driver

Roadie’s[5] business model works with “gigs” which are deliveries or shipments. Shippers are asked to post a “gig” online or on a phone, and Roadie will match it with a driver who’s going that way. Once Senders post details and pictures of the item they want to send, drivers make offers based on location, price, and availability. Once Drivers offer to deliver the Gig, Senders can review ratings and experience before choosing their Driver.

Find a carrier

Here are two interesting services for brokers seeking to find carriers. Carrierprocuremate.com[6] is a free service for companies looking for Canadian carriers. To make the job easy, the carriers are sorted by province. One of the challenges in launching a freight brokerage operation is to find quality carriers that serve specific geographic areas and particular corridors. CarrierLists.com[7] makes the job easy by interviewing all of their carriers via telephone in order to obtain the following information:

• Full contact info: city, state, phone, email, & website

• Trailer Modes – van, reefer, flatbed, intermodal, tanker etc.

• Trailer Fleet size – 10 to 500 trailers

• Operating Lanes/Regions – Regional, National, International, etc.

• Specializations – Teams, Heavy/Oversize, etc.

• Color commentary – hidden margin making gems uncovered during interviews

Dispatch a truck

NCX[8] or National Carrier Exchange has a unique business model. NCX offers a FREE Fleet Management, Dispatch, Tracking and Operations platform aimed at helping Carriers and Dispatchers manage their fleets. There is no additional equipment to buy, no software to download or install. All you need is a computer with an internet connection for your dispatchers and smart phones for your drivers. NCX provides numerous functions to help increase efficiency, like scheduling and assigning loads electronically to drivers, sending exact pick up details right to their phone. Dispatchers can use its load calendar and live map for continuous tracking of all of its trucks.

For less than $10 US per month TruckTrack[9] lets you manage up to ten trucks, by performing the dispatching, safety and driver payroll functions.

Manage the business

There are a host of companies that provide software-based operating systems to run every facet of the business. Many of our small to medium-size customers use MercuryGate International’s[10] TMS system. Their system is designed to:

• Rapidly onboard new customers and enter loads

• Quickly locate capacity using internal and external sources

• Validate carriers & rates to reduce risk and improve margins

• Track loads door-to-door

• Manage buy and sell rates and margin analysis

• Settle invoices quickly

• Provide optimal customer service There are a range of providers that provide services like MercuryGate.

Set up a customer portal

BrokerWare[11] is advertised as a web-based application that will increase the efficiency of your company. The software offers many features that allow a business to run more efficiently and effectively, helping a freight broker to grow and become more profitable. Instead of the broker’s sales team spending time, the broker can set up customer portals, and let its customers get quotes and book shipments themselves. The freight broker can save on the man-hours of inputting that information. The less time a broker’s sales team has to spend taking, inputting, and managing customer orders, the more efficient it can be.

Enter a freight marketplace

Freightos[12] allows shippers to easily search across dozens of air, ocean and trucking freight shipping companies for the best quote, with live pricing, transit time and forwarder reviews to help you decide. Their freight rates are all-inclusive, provided by trusted freight companies, whether it’s air, ocean or LTL freight.

Find a freight broker

There are freight brokers all over North America using some or all of the software systems outlined above. Some now cater to specific segments of the industry. Freightcom[13] specializes in providing efficient, cost-effective LTL shipping solutions for small and midsize businesses. Freighera[14] caters to wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors that ship occasionally or regularly in the U.S. & Canada. Transfix[15] focuses on full truckload freight.

Find your freight

Weft[16] builds platforms to ingest supply chain and contextual data, extract actionable insights and export that intelligence for business leaders to make better supply chain decisions. For an additional level of granularity, they also develop asset tracking hardware that tracks and monitors your cargo.

Clearly freight brokerage has migrated a long way from the days when people worked out of their basements with a phone and fax machine. New software applications are being developed every day. The business has made dramatic strides in terms of sophistication. This is an exciting time to be a freight broker.


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Unbelievable moment truck pulls off near-tipping turn

Unbelievable moment truck pulls off near-tipping turn

This truck driver has some serious skills when it comes to taking a turn!

truck nearly fall incredible did not

A video posted to Facebook over the weekend has many in awe. 

The short clip shows the moment a truck driver managed to regain the balance of a large cargo-carrying truck. The footage shows how the truck narrowly passes another vehicle on a highway when suddenly the cargo tilts and looks as if the whole truck is going to topple on the vehicle driving in the left-hand lane. 

The truck driver then magically prevents the cargo from falling and in a dramatic turn of events[1], the heavy cargo finds its way back onto the truck. 

You will have to watch this over and over again to make sure it’s not some incredible Hollywood film stunt!

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