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Tractor Trailer Trapped After Driving for Miles on Boardwalk Near Atlantic City

This is why drivers should second guess questionable directions from their GPS.

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A truck driver found himself in quite the predicament when his GPS directed him to turn onto a New Jersey boardwalk and follow it for miles. According to Fox News[1] on Wednesday morning, the driver made it all the way to Ventnor City before getting stuck and requiring police intervention.

An officer who saw the truck didn’t initially think anything was wrong, but rather thought that the truck was part of a project meant to replenish the sand dunes in the area. After speaking with the driver, the officer learned that the 80-foot long truck was actually stuck on the boardwalk and couldn’t make a turn required to exit the area.

According to police, the driver told officers that he entered the boardwalk on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City and continued to drive the truck for nearly three miles to Washington Avenue in Ventnor. Like many odd events revolving around tractor-trailers[2], the entire ordeal left officers baffled about just how the truck navigated its way along the shoreline.

“It is something that I haven’t seen in my 31 years,” Police Chief Doug Biagi told NJ.com[3], “We have seen vehicles up there. We have seen vehicles crashed up there. I have never seen an 18-wheeler.”

The entire incident wasn’t without damage, however. The truck was unable to exit the boardwalk successfully. As a result, about 100 feet of railing was damaged. 

Police called in a tow truck, unhooked the trailer, and removed both individually. City engineers are in the process of checking the boardwalk to ensure no structural damage occurred. 

This seems like a case of ignorance by the driver, as he was not found to be under the influence at the time of the incident. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and there was no considerable damage with the truck[4] involved. Even though responders were able to coordinate the removal of the vehicle, Police issued the driver several traffic summonses for the event. Maybe he’ll pay more attention to where his GPS guides him in the future.

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Pall-Ex invests in 45 new vehicles

Pall-Ex, the Leicestershire logistics group founded by former Dragons’ Den star Hilary Devey two decades ago, has invested more than £250,000 into its upgrading its fleet.

The Coalville-headquartered company has bought 45 new liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) forklift vehicles.

The new Hyster H2.0FT Advance trucks were supplied by Pall-Ex’s long-term partner, materials handling equipment supplier Briggs Equipment.

Richard Southern, general hub manager at Pall-Ex, said: “This forklift truck investment has benefitted the business at all levels.

“Operationally, we’ve reduced overheads by choosing economical vehicles with a simple fuel system. We’re seeing better accuracy and in turn, increased customer and staff satisfaction, as well as safer working practices.”

Cameron Freakley, forklift truck operators at Pall-Ex, said: “The telematics system on the trucks makes our pre-shift check a lot easier to follow and complete, and proactively ensures any serious issues are avoided by disabling the engine as soon as any system error is picked up.

“The steering is very light and responsive compared to the previous models, the engine is more powerful and the hydraulic controls allow our team to be more accurate with manoeuvres.

“The increased efficiency of the engine means all drivers only have to refuel once per shift and it’s much easier to see colleagues approaching with the blue light system, reducing the risk of accidents within the warehouse.”