Monthly Archive: September 2005

Bald Knob Trucker Tale 0

Bald Knob Trucker Tale

Bald Knob Keith Lowery sounds like a sore trucker to me. He turned up at Sensations nightclub in Jacksonville with a group of Bald Knob friends to celebrate his 31st birthday. They organized a whip round and arranged for three “exotic dancers” to give him a “spanking”.

Bald Knob Keith was handcuffed and spanked with a three foot paddle and a belt while one of the girls “restrained” his head with her legs. Woo-hoooo! Kelly Eslick, who works at Sensations nightclub admitted that she used a paddle drilled with holes for less air resistance.

Cool! Poor old Bald Knob trucker reckoned he was getting more than his money’s worth of Woo-hooo! and begged the gals to stop but ended up with a purple butt and called the police.

The three paddlers have been charged with battery and with participating in an obscene performance at a live public show, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Excuse me but didn’t Bald Knob trucker and his “buddies” play any part in this?

I suggest that Keith Lowery should relocate from Bald Knob to Idiotville in Oregon, Tingle in New Mexico or Pratt’s Bottom in Greater london UK if they’ll accept him there, which is doubtful and that Kelly Eslick and her assistants relocate to Bogsville as soon as possible.