Estonia Chinese-made diesel locomotive exports.

diesel locomotive …

Made in China High engine range of the world title to the European Union Staff writer, Beijing, July 27 (journalist Yan Bing) this morning, a locomotive purple red used for shunting locomotives of the deployment of vehicles from China CNR 27 equipment company in Beijing s changxindian exit. This locomotive is shipped Tianjin sea, reached the coast of the Baltic Sea in Nor Womens swimwear thern Europe in Estonia. It s the made in China the strongest locomotive of Europe tour for the first time in the world.

At this stage, the northern China locomotive and diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, complete line of freight cars in the high-end European market. Design and manufacture of this diesel locomotive, standard 173, 173 standard after the break, you will need to meet the requirements of 299 files. Used primarily in a yard in arriving yard decompilation, even when combined with truck starting construction work, with frequent soft-start, and fast locomotive acceleration, braking and directional control exactly practical ramp, a major operation capacity of exceptional performance.

Estonia CNR locomotive that manufacturing E-DF7G is mainly used for the Estonia to 1520 mm rail gauge heavy manoeuvres and operations of freight transport not far from the maneuver, the first locomotive factory will be the first in Estonia in use driver.< acheter cabal gold /p> :

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