Slovakia cigarette smugglers big investment to build the train …

According to the Scotsman reported compilationA only through his train, seven football so long smuggling tunnels, was found in Slovakia and Ukraine border between underground running at the same time, there are more than 2.5 million cigarettes smuggled cigarettes.The police said Slovakia, the tunnel may also be used to people from Ukraine smuggled into the European Union member states as Slovakia, but it s main purpose is to avoid tariffs, illegal will be imported into the European Union cigarette.On July 19, Slovakia s interior minister Robert Kalinak told reporters: this tunnel equipped with a list of the little train, can transport a wide variety of goods, we doubt, can also transport people. He added: this area has not been so. Kalinak, says Mr This tunnel is 700 metres long, connected to Slovakia Vysne village and Nizne Nemecke village and Ukraine Uzhorod border city of a new home housing.Slovakia police director Tibor Gaspar said, complicated mining technology seems to be used for cutting this article through the underground about 6 meters deep tunnel.Finance minister Peter Kazimir said, by the police and customs officials consisting of a special group of tax evasion of Slovakia the house monitoring for several weeks.He said, each box filled with 200 cigarettes in 13100 cases of cigarette search is ZhaMei, equivalent to 2.6 million cigarettes.Mr.

Kazimir said: if the tunnel has been used in a word, we can estimate excise tax evasion could reach 50 million euros (39 million pounds).The police said, Slovakia s the master of this house was arrested on the spot, and at the same time, in a different place arrested a truck driver. Police added that with more people may be involved in the smuggling, and Ukraine jointly carrying out investigation will continue.Slovakia and Ukraine has 61 miles of common border, the border area is located in the remote, dense woods, means that it is often drugs and cigarette smugglers and from the east to the west of the use of refugees.Slovakia in a few years ago to join the eu schengen visa time, greatly increased to border area management, said Mr. Kalinak, officials have taken full measures to guard the border.

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Slovakia cigarette smugglers big investment to build the train …

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