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Bird Photography in Northamptonshire and the UK: A BIT OF A … 0

Bird Photography in Northamptonshire and the UK: A BIT OF A …

I haven’t done too much birding in the last couple of weeks, thanks to work, though thanks to work I’ve had two consecutive shifts working in and around Hampshire. Sadly I don’t like driving around Hampshire… should be explored on foot and every time I drive through (especially the New Forest) I pray to the driving gods for my lorry to breakdown, never does though, I even mark Points of Interest on my Sat-Nav as I drive past a tempting looking bit of a habitat and there is plenty and as always I tried with some luck to get my tacho breaks in some areas that looked good, so the images come from these tacho breaks.However I did get some birding in between my shift patterns here’s how and what: EASTFIELD PARK SPARROWHAWK: Just two juveniles have fledged the nest which given the weather and early attempts by someone to climb the original nesting tree is quite good. I’m a bit mixed with my emotions when I hear the female and juveniles begging for food as it’s starting to draw some attention from the park’s other users, so far it’s been mostly good….

EASTFIELD PARK TAWNY OWL: Despite it’s very urban surroundings we’ve always had a Tawny Owl on the park, this February it was rather quiet from the pair with no sightings of owlsnor non being heard calling, the friends I have who’s house back onto the “wood” section of the park were also worried about the lack of owl’s calling. In the past we’ve had Tawnys on the roofs, lamp-posts and even the odd satellite dish. So with the awful winter I thought we had lost “our” Tawnys.

However the last two nights there has been a single juvenile Tawny calling for food, a very distinct call that once heard never forgotten. Normally by now the juves have left the nest so this either a second brood attempt (or first given the lousy weather, if that makes sense) and it’s only a single juvenile…I think! I say that because despite it only being a small wooded section in all my years living hear I’ve never been able to locate the nest site during “normal” hours.

LOSS OF JERSEY’S CIRL BUNTINGS?: Regular readers of this blog will know of my fondness of Jersey and my joy of seeing Cirl buntings on the island, they only have two breeding birds that had been absent from the island for a long time. Subsequently when I was shown where they were I was pleased just to get views, I could’ve got nearer and got photo’s but the cautious side of me and the fact they hadn’t been there a long time made me stay a safe “viewable distance”. Sadly there nesting site was subject to a fire, which is currently being investigated by the Island’s fire brigade.

Sadly neither bird has been since the fire (well over a week), so I think they have either perished in the fire or deserted the site, either way it doesn’t look good…fingers crossed!So what did I get from my two shift patterns in Hampshire, well one delivery (boss doesn’t like me saying the firms so I can’t) was at an interesting Country Park (some playground equipment) after unloading I needed the toilet and was pointed in the direction of a small converted barn, interesting toilets I thought, even more so when a swallow “whished” past my head and up to a nest on the exposed beams, three juveniles beaming down at me…different I thought (I think the toilets description may have given away the Country Park’s name for anyone who lives in Hampshire). I even broke the cardinal “urinal” rule, as I stood there I heard the juveniles call out followed by a woman scream “arrgggh a bat”, followed by another woman who said “no they’re swallows”, I chuckled to myself and the bloke next to me quickly zipped up and left, I forgot and in case any other blokes forget the “rules of the urinal” are, approach, unzip, spit,cough,zip back up, wash, leave, NO LAUGHING, NO EYE CONTACT AND NO TALKING….ooops! Before leaving I got a dubious flight shot and a “not too bad” portrait, I didn’t think it was advisable to get images from inside the toilet, wouldn’t have gone down well.

As I went back to my lorry a Country Park worker remarked how surprised he was to see a “trucker” into wildlife, really? I know plenty who don’t count themselves as “birders” but will often say “Seen a Buzzard/Kite/Kestrel” etc. I think there’s a connection between slow moving vehicle and hours of talking to no-one leads the mind and eyes to wander.

Those two images were from the last shift pattern, the previous shift pattern I managed to get into a layby by the side of a dual carriage way, there was a flight of steps that lead up an embankment and onto a heath.

I instantly saw a Stonechat and decided to follow it (here comes a silly tip) as when I do I always stumble across a Dartford Warbler (if they’re present), the Stonechat I got near to but exposed it all wrong it wasn’t that black, sadly the Dartford Watbler had a lot of gorse between me and it and I wasn’t going to trample through it in case the nest was nearby so I got a dodgy record shot, I was just pleased to see it.

One day I will visit Hampshire with my birding hat on rather then my driving sunglasses it has some fantastic looking habitats, even this heath by the side of the dual carriage way had Buzzards, Kestrels, Hobbies etc…just wish every time I do visit I’m just passing through:(

Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads Season 2 – The Andes – Four DVD Box Set 0

Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads Season 2 – The Andes – Four DVD Box Set

The road to success can be deadly. In the second season of IRT Deadliest Roads, Lisa, Hugh and Rick, three of the toughest North American protruckings, are driven to extremes in one of the...

Foreign Troops Reportedly Operating on U.S.</p><p>Soil? 0

Foreign Troops Reportedly Operating on U.S.


It s no secret that the U.S. government has been domestically stockpiling unimaginable amounts of ammunition and weapons. So much ammunition, in fact, that it surpasses even what the military uses on a yearly basis in the mid east theaters of war.

All of these arms and ammunition are being transported within the borders of the United States by third-party truck drivers contracted by the Department of Homeland Security, and some of these drivers are reportedly foreign born originating from countries like Russia and Poland. In a recent radio interview on World News with Dave Vose , a caller relays a shocking story from a FEMA insider that is apparently well known within the FEMA/DHS transportation community, and it has some U.S. drivers spooked.

According to the report, truckers have been hauling large volumes of weapons-related supplies, some of which have been carried by Russian and Polish drivers, to destinations like military bases and DHS supply depots all over the country. But about 30% of the loads operated by Russian and Polish drivers have vanished en route to their destinations, and the drivers are never heard from again. It s a story that has appeared nowhere in the mainstream media, and will likely never be validated by the Department of Homeland Security.

But given reports of foreign troops on the ground in the United States, treaties signed by President Obama authorizing the deployment of Russian security experts on American soil, and recent revelations that the U.S. Army is stockpiling foreign made ammunition and supplies, one can t help but consider there may be a connection. Vose: This is a person that you ve been talking to that s a truck driver, he s a private contractor for FEMA, and he transports things for them all over the United States and Canada.

Insider: Yes He said to me on the phone that he s been driving stuff to military bases. He s been carrying crates of these bullets and delivering them to the military bases and he s carrying sixteen crates at a time. He said they re very heavy.

They re two feet high by eight feed wide. The other thing he told me is he s been carrying truck loads of stun grenades. There has been also he said that in the Mojave desert they are having military drops.

They are dropping stuff big equipment, military equipment in the Mojave desert. The other thing that he said to me which was really interesting, is he said to me that all the truck drivers are all talking about it about Russian and Polish truck drivers in Canada that have disappeared in the United States.

30% of them. Thirty percent of the Russians and Polish, he said in particular, truck drivers that their trucks and their drivers have disappeared.

What the means I don t know. Everybody s aware of it, or the truckers at least. He s saying he s going to give it three more weeks and then he s getting out of there.

That truck drivers have been robbed of their loads would be nothing new. But given that they are of eastern European origination, are working for FEMA, have reportedly vanished during their deliveries, and were carrying weapons and ammunition, is it possible they are somehow tied to the foreign troops reportedly operating on U.S. soil ?

This is no doubt a conspiracy theory , and a grand one at that.

But given the scores of other theories that have proven to be fact recently, can we completely discount this as a possibility?