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Moto Guzzi Engine T-Shirt 0

Moto Guzzi Engine T-Shirt

This is Zazzle’s moto guzzi engine t shirt pink hats page, where you’ll find a unique assortment of moto guzzi engine t shirt pink trucker hats set up for customization or purchase. Almost all Zazzle hats are shipped within 24 hours. Popular colors for sale include white with green, red, blue, or black.

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Diesel spill raises environmental concerns   Irish Trucker Magazine 0

Diesel spill raises environmental concerns Irish Trucker Magazine

Diesel spill raises environmental concerns Irish Trucker Magazine Animal welfare group the DSPCA has raised concerns for swans and wildlife in the north side of Dublin after a diesel spill in the area. The spillage occurred in the Coolock area of the city and a number of wildlife was removed from the area while FILTER-SOCK The Simple and Economical way to deal with lightly Oil Contaminated bund and drain water. Removes oil, fuel and sediment from contaminated water to an almost non-detectable level .

READ MORE.. || EVO Eco-Friendly Natural Fibre Absorbent Obtained from sustainable sources and manufactured by a patented process here in the UK, this eco-friendly absorbent pad will have the lowest carbon footprint of any absorbent pad, or roll, currently available in Europe. The pads have a super high loft for superior sorbency performance but also have a tough, yet soft, construction for READ MORE.. || Cleans up oil spills safely and efficiently Oil-Only Spill Kits contain all the materials you need for a fast and effective oil spill cleanup. These kits contain oil absorbents that absorb oil and petroleum – or other hydrocarbon-based products – while repelling water.

Ideal for use on dry land and bodies of water like streams, harbors, rivers and other waterways. READ MORE.. || Spill kit for unknown and hazardous chemicals Chemical Spill Kits are necessary when you are working with hazardous materials and chemicals. These spill kits contain the right kinds of absorbents capable of dealing with accidental spills that involve acids, bases, alkalis and unkown fluids.

Hazmat Chemical Kits come with a variety of absorbents ideal for immediate response READ MORE.. || Drip and Spill Trays These provide a safe and convenient way to store and handle hazardous materials, protect the environment and your workers from leaks, drips and spills. They are perfect for catching leaks and drips from vehicles and machinery. Garages and workshops, service departments and maintenance crews will READ MORE.. || Eliminate Ground Contamination Plant Nappy provides spill and leak containment for small plant equipment.

It is a lightweight, user-friendly means of spill containment.

Plant Nappy?

is the easy and cost-effective solution to ensuring environmentally friendly practice and avoiding potential prosecution or fine for pollution of ground or water READ MORE.. || Flexible Drip Trays Size: 102 x 102 x 5cm Capacity: 52 Litres Made from Rubberised Plastic Stand on the sidewall, it will bounce back up Drive over the tray, the sides pop back up Easy to wheel plant and equipment into Easily folded and stored – ideal for carrying in vehicles Perfect as a work mat under plant and vehicles Comfortable and insulating to work on Contains any spilt liquid Ideal for service engineers Can be lined with 50cm wide absorbent roll READ MORE.. || If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader.

Man killed by truck in West Austin 0

Man killed by truck in West Austin

A man was killed in West Austin Friday after a car rolled down a hill and struck him. The man was leading a construction crews which was doing work to a house along Beverly Hills Drive when the truck rolled into the house. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities said a similar crash happened earlier this year when a city vehicle rolled down the same hill, striking a house along the street.

YNN has a crew at the scene and will be updating this story as additional details come in.