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Eaton launches SmartAdvantage Package with Volvo Trucks for … 0

Eaton launches SmartAdvantage Package with Volvo Trucks for …

Eaton launches SmartAdvantage Package with Volvo Trucks for VNL Series; 3-6% fuel economy improvement Eaton announced that Volvo Trucks will offer the Eaton SmartAdvantage Powertrain in all VNL Series models in order to maximize fuel efficiency in linehaul and regional haul applications. In addition to lighter weight and increasing the driver pool with smooth, automated shifting, this powertrain is designed to enhance the time spent in a diesel engine s most efficient RPM zone helping to reduce fuel consumption. The SmartAdvantage Powertrain for Volvo combines an Eaton Fuller Advantage Series Automated Transmission with the Cummins ISX15 engine with SmartTorque2; the package delivers fuel economy improvements between 3 and 6%.

More than 80 customers have taken delivery of trucks with the SmartAdvantage Powertrain or have orders pending. Volvo Trucks is continuously looking for fuel efficient solutions for our customers. The SmartAdvantage is one opportunity in the Volvo product offering to allow customers to downspeed.

Downspeeding provides additional fuel savings for every 100 RPM we can reduce engine speed. Wade Long, director, product marketing, Volvo Trucks A new Precision Lubrication system represents one of the most important upgrades in the Fuller Advantage Series. The system reduces the oil churn energy losses found in traditional transmissions by nearly 33%.

With less heat being generated, the Fuller Advantage Series transmissions do not require a cooler and corresponding lines and fittings. The result is less preventative maintenance is required while engine fans cycle less, further reducing horsepower demand. In addition, small-step technology enables downspeeding in overdrive and efficiency in direct drive.

Optimized shifting is based on grade, vehicle weight, engine torque and throttle position. Significant weight savings up to 82 pounds (37 kg) with no sacrifice of strength has also been achieved with the new Fuller Advantage Series transmissions. A thin-wall cast-iron main case design is complemented by the strategic use of aluminum for the shift bar housing, auxiliary section cover and range cylinder.

All Fuller Advantage Series transmissions have a standard warranty of 5-years/750,000 miles. The Advantage Series clutch is warranted for 3 years/350,000 miles (563,270 km). Extended protection plans are also available.

Additional Fuller Advantage Series Automated features include: Error-free, automated shifting due to the use of an Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) which offers unprecedented performance, including gradeability and low-speed maneuverability. Auto Neutral automatically switches into neutral once the parking brake is engaged to prevent potential movement. Hill Start Aid which prevents roll back or roll forward.

When grade exceeds 3%, foundation brakes hold truck for up to three seconds for a controlled launch. Extended oil drain interval: 500,000 miles (805,000 km) before the first scheduled transmission oil drain service, for linehaul applications rated at 80,000 lbs (36,287 kg) or less. Oil level sight glass for reduced preventative maintenance downtime.

Standard eight- and six-bolt Power Take-Off (PTO) openings.

Ten forward speeds and two reverse.

Torque capacities are from 1,150 (1559 N m) to 1,850 lb-ft (2,508 N m).

8th District Congressional Candidate announces  19 Days for 19 … 0

8th District Congressional Candidate announces 19 Days for 19 …

Freedom, IN- Republican Congressional Candidate Andrew McNeil seeks to continue his Walk Across the District by spending one full day in each of the 19 Counties included in Indiana s 8th District. Beginning March 31st, every County from Vanderburgh to Vermillion will receive one day devoted to visiting with the residents of the County. To accomplish this, McNeil is scheduling meet and greets at locally owned restaurants, visits to historical landmarks throughout the district, and interviews with local newspapers.

No matter what McNeil schedules in each County, he will continue to go door to door in each city he visits. McNeil has focused on making the cornerstone of his campaign direct interaction with the voter. Every day sees McNeil loading himself and often his family into his truck to drive to a new town in the District.

Once there, Andrew and the family will begin to canvas the area, introducing themselves to every individual and business they come across. Americans have become accustomed to Congressmen who are distant and hard to reach. McNeil remarked while driving to a meet and greet in Clay City.

It s a shame. Congressmen are known as representatives for a reason. Visibility and engagement should be the two defining qualities of a representative.

That is what I will to bring to the table when elected. If you know of the perfect place for Andrew to visit when he comes to your County let him know on his Facebook page or on Twitter at mcneil4congress. You can also keep updated on his travels at both websites.

Indiana s 8th District includes all or parts of Clay, Crawford, Daviess, Dubois, Gibson, Greene, Knox, Martin, Owen, Parke, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Sullivan, Vanderburgh, Vermillion, Vigo, and Warrick Counties.

Bedfordshire Radio Controlled Model Car Club   BEDSRCMCC  A … 0

Bedfordshire Radio Controlled Model Car Club BEDSRCMCC A …

Club news Published on March 26th, 2014 | by Scott The club is delighted to announce a brand new Back to Basics one-make (well two chassis options, but it will be one bodyshell!!) series that will be starting on Friday 25 April in time for the Spring Championship. This new class is all about close competitive racing where the skill of the driver and not the depth of their wallet is going to be key to winning. The rules are listed below and anyone wishing to join the class must adhere to these rules without exception.

The new Back to Basics class will begin racing a Truck Shell and we ve now taken delivery of 9 brand new shells that we shall sell to the entrants for just 6 each. We only have 9 bodyshells as one has already been purchased and painted (see below). Please note that this new class is not aimed at beginners or those still learning how to drive.

It is aimed at seasoned drivers as the top heavy truck bodyshell will be a real handful to control and therefore will not aid the beginner in learning to develop their race craft. The GT12 class we already run at the club is the perfect choice for those still learning. There will only be room for ten drivers in total so we recommend that you show an interest as soon as possible and we will then confirm once all places have been secured.

Contact the club to let us know if you are keen on entering the new class. We will then run only 1 heat during each Round of the Spring Championships with all 10 trucks running at once if they all turn up! Hence why this class is not suitable for beginners.

It will still cost 5 to race ( 7 for non-members), however if you intend to continue racing your normal GT12 car then it will be an additional 2 on top of your normal racing fees if running both. May we remind you that the rules below are final and we will not allow any car/driver to participate if these rules are not followed. With regards to a minimum weight, that will be confirmed once we have built one of these new chassis and then we can gauge what a suitable minimum weight will be.

The rules for this new class Maximum of 10 drivers permitted to sign up to the class for the Inaugural Spring Championships all drivers will race in 1 heat each night which should not be a problem as this is not intended for beginners and 10 of these trucks on track will be manageable for those wishing to take part Maximum chassis RRP price (excludes discounts/offers) 100 this will allow the Supastox, Mardave V12 Carbon Edition but excludes the advanced V12 LMPT kit at 146 Minimum weight TBC Ballraces allowed in front wheels and rear axle Lightweight Aluminium rear axles not allowed No rear diffs allowed 32 or 48dp gear/spurs permitted Velcro LiPo straps can be replaced with carbon brace (either kit or home-made) this does not increase performance of car but does aid maintenance and cleaning of car as Velcro straps in standard kit get covered in carpet fluff in no time at all!! Maplin style washers will be permitted to replace kit standard ones for Supastox chassis Drivers can change kit springs for suspension front and rear however all drivers must declare what springs they are using Any choice of tyres permitted drivers must also declare what tyres they are using The Mi5 Wishbone Socket mod on front of Supastox NOT allowed CORE RC PACE 45R ESC set to blinky CORE RC 3200mAH 1s LiPo SpeedPassion Competition 3.0 17.5T Brushless Motor (timing advance NOT to be adjusted from out of the box we will also ensure that all motors are set the same, just in case one has been altered or if someone is using an existing Speed Passion motor) Bodyshell to be Racing Cab Truck club will purchase them and then sell these on at cost (to save on delivery charges for each competitor entering) to those who sign up for the class. No wings allowed Drivers, when booking to join this class must choose 2 colours for their bodyshell (no 2 drivers will be permitted to have the same colour combination colour choice will be first come first served) Windows in truck cab to remain closed No external bumpers permitted.

If running a brushed option the rules for the power plant are ESC with a maximum RRP of 50 Standard Tamiya Style tin can motor maximum RRP of 10 4cell Nimh with a maximum 3200mAH rating and 4.8v. If you would like to participate in this new class that will be starting at the beginning of the Club s Spring Championship on Friday 25 April, then please contact the club to show your interest and if places are available we shall secure your entry. Remember that when you have been confirmed you will be required to submit your choice of colours for the Truck bodyshell which can be purchased for 6 from the Club between now and the start of the Championships.

Tags: 1:12 Scale, Bedsrcmcc, Bodyshells, RC Racing, RC Trucks About the Author Scott Westbury is the Club’s Chairman and has been racing RC cars for over 35 years now!

Back in 2009 he met up with Russell Mackay and the two of them set up the Bedfordshire Radio Controlled Model Car Club.

Scott’s RC cars over the years have included: Tamiya Subaru Brat & Frog, Mardave Apache, Meteor & SWB Ministock, Associated RC10, Kyosho ZXR, Schumacher Big 6 Lotus, Xray T2 & T3 plus many more…