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Man shot by police collapses in court 0

Man shot by police collapses in court

Written by Ali Stevens on Monday, June 30, 2014 @ 12:47 PM BLOOMSBURG A truck driver shot by police on Interstate 80 in Columbia County in May collapsed in court today. The Press Enterprise reports 45-year-old Daniel Hadean of Oklahoma City fell on the floor in apparent pain at the beginning of his hearing before District Judge Doug Brewer. The public defender asked for a continuance for Hadean, which was granted, and an ambulance was called.

He was taken to Geisinger Medical Center. Hadean is accused of attacking Hemlock Township police officer Charles Dietterick on eastbound Interstate 80 at the Buckhorn exit. Police say Dietterick pulled the truck over for violations and Hadean charged Dietterick with a large hammer and pepper spray, forcing the officer to shoot Hadean two times in the shoulder and abdomen.

Columbia County s district attorney said the shooting was justified.

Hadean s next court appearance is scheduled for July 23.

He is charged with attempted homicide. (Ali Stevens)

My best guesses of what the guy today yelled 0

My best guesses of what the guy today yelled

I had a passenger in a pickup truck yell at me this morning. I will admit that although I could hear the truck coming from behind, with its wider tires and engine roaring up the hill, the shouted greeting startled me a bit. I tensed my shoulders and looked up, but stayed in position well enough.

It is always hard to understand what someone in a passing vehicle says to you. I hope that they weren’t saying something important such as they wanted to give me some money. Since I ignored their message and concentrated on my upcoming turn, they may mistakenly have thought I didn’t want their money and just kept going.

My best guesses of what the guy today yelled: “Good morning biker!” “Get more lycra!” “Go mother f***er!” “Hey Mufasa liker!” “Long Live Mother Russia!” “You could win the Tour de France!” (ok, probably not as likely, but you never know) The driver did not slow down enough for me to clarify what his passenger said or to give a proper return greeting.

Happy riding all!

Video: Truck Driver Lectures Trooper for Speeding 0

Video: Truck Driver Lectures Trooper for Speeding

VIDEO: Truck Driver Lectures Trooper for Speeding A truck driver who spotted a trooper allegedly speeding while talking on his cellphone took actiopn. He honked his horn to get the trooper’s attention. The trooper pulled him over and asked him why he honked.

The results were recorded and posted on YouTube. Trucker, Brian Miner, was asked why honked and replied “Because you were speeding”. The role reversal continued.

The video shows the trooper walking up to Miner’s door. The trooper says he pulled the trucker over for honking his horn. Miner admits he honked the horn to alert the trooper that he was speeding and talking with a cellphone in his hand, saying that was something drivers are not allowed to do in the state of Illinois.

The trooper defends himself, saying, “Police officers can actually use technology when they’re driving.” The trooper is right. The state’s ban on cell phone use while driving states the law does not apply to “a law enforcement officer or operator of an emergency vehicle while performing his or her official duties.” The trooper then asks Miner for his license and proceeds to question him on how fast he was driving. “You passed me! Are you above the speed limit as well?” Miner responded.

In the end, the traffic contact resulted in an exchange of friendly traffic saefty reminders and no citations were issued.