Driver charged in road rage incident with cyclists

So glad they charged this guy, I ride frequently in some of the areas mentioned in the article, and have seen drivers pull crap like this all to often in my short time riding… Luckily without anyone getting hurt though, unlike this incident. CHAPEL HILL: Friction between bicyclists and motorists mounts in rural Orange County | Orange County | CHAPEL HILL A June 25 incident on Orange Grove Road between an Orange County man in a pickup truck and a Durham lawyer on a bicycle illustrates the vicious cycle of conflict that plays out across the country as bicycling becomes a more common transportation mode.

The pickup truck driver is accused of intentionally slamming on his brakes in front of a pack of cyclists and now faces three criminal charges in connection with a move that sent one rider flying to the pavement. The cyclist who took the rough tumble is recovering from a severe case of road rash and nursing a lingering rage about a road-wrangling incident that sent a case of the willies through local cycling communities. It seems like it s gotten nastier out there in the last year, said Andrew Prokopetz, the 59-year-old rider who was so scraped up and bruised that his shirt was shredded, his wedding ring was scratched, his finger was jammed and his ire provoked.

You can t brake-check somebody. There s no reason for that. That s road rage.

William Kirk, 64, has been accused of using his 2002 Toyota Tacoma pickup as a lethal weapon.

The Orange County resident has been charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and injury to real property for damage to Prokopetz s bicycle.

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Driver charged in road rage incident with cyclists

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