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Iveco Truck Wallpaper 0

Iveco Truck Wallpaper

License: Free for personal desktop use only Wallpaper details: Added: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 09:56 Downloads: 191 Views: 128 Iveco Truck is a great wallpaper for your computer desktop and it is available in wide resolutions. Iveco Truck is part of the Other collection and more precisely is part of the Others collection of wallpapers. Iveco Truck stock photo was tagged with: truck, international, commercial, engines, manufacturer, diesel, iveco, supplier, Other.

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Wally Webb’s BIG BLOG!: More Truckers Triumph 0

Wally Webb’s BIG BLOG!: More Truckers Triumph

I’m proud to be one of the East Coast Truckers Childrens Charity Patrons and they’ve been spreading more joy recently. Someone who’s seen the annual convoy (end of August don’t forget) but never been in one of the trucks is Katie Warrent of Spixworth who has a rare genetic disorder for which there is no cure. When she was born doctors told her parents Joanne and Stephen that she might not make it past her first birthday.

Miraculously though she’s become a teenager and as a special birthday treat trucker Rob Billman (you’ll see his trucks about) arrived at her doorstep to give her the trip of a lifetime and then dropped her at the St.Faiths Centre where 100 family and friends greeted her with a surprise birthday party.

Congratulations Katie and well done Rob!

Ipads and iPhones stolen from truck and trailer while driving 90 km 0

Ipads and iPhones stolen from truck and trailer while driving 90 km

It must have been a spectacular sight; people stealing cargo out of a driving trailer on the highway at night. It happened last week in M nchengladbach, at 00.35 on the cross M nchengladbach-North on the A61 towards cross Jackerath / Cologne. A car driver noticed that two other cars drove very close behind a driving truck and trailer combination, travelling from The Netherlands to the Czech Republic.

The witness saw a man climbing out of the sunroof of the first car and managed to open the back door. The second car passed by and tried to cover up the action. Apparently, there was no telematics door sensor activated; the truck driver drove a steady 90 km per hour as if nothing happened.

Misunderstood The witness passed all cars on the left lane and tried to warn the truck driver; he honked several times to give a warning. Unfortunately, he was misunderstood; the driver made an ugly face and stayed on the road. Meanwhile, boxes with Ipads and iPhones were loaded into the driving car that was driving behind the trailer.

It could have been a scene from an action movie; the sad truth is that it is cargo crime reality. Similar events (stealing from a driving combination) happened already 50 times this year in Germany. This number is probably more as many incidents are not reported to the police; transport companies are afraid to loose more time and their reputation to guarantee safe and solid transport of valuable cargo.

One hour after the cargo theft on the A61, the truck driver finally made a stop and discovered his trailer door was open. He called the police; the only thing they could do was note that the stolen items had a value of 70.000 euro and that the driver has no idea who did it. Some smart trailer telematics door sensors and better locks could have prevented the whole operation Cargo theft statistics first half of 2014 Cargo theft is on the rise and in the first half of 2014 six countries form the crime scene for 90% of the reported incidents.

Germany 134, Netherlands 120, UK 55, Italy 39, France 31 and Russia 22. Most of the thefts take place at an unsecured parking spot, with a sleeping truck driver in the cabin. The average value of stolen cargo is 250.000 euro, that s a lot of money.

But despite the loss of the cargo, transport companies loose a lot more: valuable time to report the incident to the authorities and insurance. It is also frustrating and expensive to drive further with an empty trailer and last and most important; transport companies can loose the confidence from their customers. How to prevent cargo theft For a low monthly flat fee companies like Trailermatics can provide solid, proven solutions that will help you to prevent cargo theft.

If your trailer fleet is equipped with Trailermatics, it shows that you are serious about safety and security. No wonder companies like DB Schenker, DHL, Fedex, syncreon, Sli and Bring use Trailermatics to optimise their services. Ask us what we can do for you; contact us via [email protected] or call on of our local deputy s.

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