Cambridgeshire Hit and Run Driver Rams Ambulance

A recent hit and run incident in Cambridgeshire has been rendered especially notable both for ramming an ambulance and flipping a car onto the nearby pavement. According to an article in the Cambridge News, the driver of a flatbed truck was the instigator behind the accident, choosing to accelerate into a car that they were trying to pass rather than taking an alternative route. This decision lifted the car into the air and deposited it onto the pavement a fact that is made even more unsettling due to the route being well used by nursery school children before the driver then also collided with an ambulance as he continued to force his way through.

The ambulance in question had been called out to attend to the needs of a local home specialising in mental health issues, and the damage caused to the emergency services vehicle was significant enough to result in the introduction of a spare vehicle to replace the inactive ambulance. Eye witnesses expressed incredulity at the actions of the motorist at the wheel of the flatbed truck, noting the entire occasion as representing a breathtaking disregard for both patience and public property; not to mention indifference to the consequences of very dangerous actions. Police are still searching for the truck driver, and a joint effort with the East of England Ambulance service has been implemented to try and track down the culprit.

The driver was apparently heading towards Arbury following the hit and run, so it is hoped that forthcoming evidence will soon lead to his identification. One can only speculate at the motives of the driver behind this Cambridge instance of hit and run, and even though this situation thankfully left no-one hurt the nature of the accident is still highly distressing. Of course, cases of hit and run occur throughout the country, especially within urban areas, and there is a real need to try and combat these dangerous illustrations of irresponsibility.

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Cambridgeshire Hit and Run Driver Rams Ambulance

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